Monday, August 26, 2013

True to his words........

As I was sharing in this post about how Jovial was telling his friend the so called how to "improve" on his Ad Math.

You see last term exam Jovial had a dismay result of lower than 27 marks for his Ad Math,he knew and conceded that in fact result was indeed bad.

Two weeks ago,he obtained his Ad Math result from his latest exam, to my surprise and to the of my lovely wife's, Jovial did very well for this subject, he scored 72, the exact opposite of what he got from the previous exam.

I must admit,Ad Math is not as easy as Simple Math but to see Jovial admitting his weakness and putting extra effort into scaling new heights, it just amazes me.

P/S : Well done...Just believe you can


  1. Yes, Add maths is not an easy subject... but I am also happy that my kids love this subject a lot, esp my girl.. she can score 90 over marks for this... how it was done, I dont know.. cos I never study Add maths before.. :)

  2. Hahaha.. Jovial can do it!
    I once got P7 too.. and during last "rally" I made it to A1.

  3. GOOD Job! I rememebered how I dread Ad Maths and how I failed almost very term till I have to sit for my trial examinations before my SPM. No choice but to do every single past years questions that I could find and managed to get through with an A2. :)

  4. Well done, indeed! Happy for Jovial.

  5. Oh I hate Add Math haha. Well done to Jovial, from 27 and now 72. Can see he put big effort on it. Good Job Jovial.

  6. actually add math was pretty terrible hard when I was in high school, people around me who gave up easily will get low score for it.

    Well done! Your boy is on the momentum of "chiong"-ing hahaha :x