Monday, September 09, 2013

So you're prepared and Papa wishes you all da best

Yesterday Marvell asked me if he could play with his computer games, I asked him shouldn't he be preparing for his UPSR exam instead, cheekily he said,"No worries,Papa, I am all prepared" and I reiterated that he should in fact be preparing for his exam but I bet that he knew that I would let him just do it.

Again he asked me not to worry about his exam and I relented and told him to go ahead and enjoy himself.... in fact I have this standard practice for my sons that they should not be "studying" a day or two before their exam, they should just hang loose.
 I have this mutual "respect" with my boys,to certain extend,I respect them for wanting to make their own choices but sometimes I would punctuate in between their choices that they should learn to be responsible with the choices they made.

They understood that their parent would never tell them that they should score how many As but they are always encouraged to do their best and as far as my boys are concerned,I guess they have learned to 'draw the lines' and I am blessed.

P/S : All the best son


  1. All the best to your son! I have full confidence in him.. :)

  2. Good luck! All the best to Marvell.

  3. All the best to Marvell and I believed that he will do it well in this exam. ....God bless you. ...

  4. Experts say a balance of work and play is essential. You and your sons are doing it right. :D

    Best wishes to Marvell!