Monday, September 23, 2013

The angst of a care giver...................

Just about a week or so ago, I sat down,chatting over a cuppa with a dear friend and it kind of caught me by surprise when I began to hold his hand and gave him a hug telling him to be strong whilst weathering through the hard time, his eyes began to moisten with some little tears.

You see my friend's wife was diagnosed with cancer close to a year now, she left her job and currently going through some treatments that rendered her weak and kind of hopeless and as a loving husband, my friend painstakingly trying to give his beloved wife the best that he can.

So, he was tearing up, I thought it was because it was about his wife that courted the inconspicuous tears when I held his hand and gave him a friendly hug but I was wrong.

When he was done dabbing away the wetness that rimmed his eyes, he said thank you to me, he said that that hug was comforting to him and what he shared with me thereafter really got me thinking of my other friends who are just like him, caring for their ailing spouses.

My friend was sharing even though he was not suffering all the pains from cancer as his wife but he said the pain that he was gong through seeing his wife suffers was akin to putting him through hell and get himself burned in a fiery cauldron and he kind of lamented most of times,friends and relatives would not ask him how he was feeling coping with all the stress.

So,now we must understand the next time when we extend our tender,loving and cares to the sick, we must also do likewise to the care givers......................

P/S : We should feel for the "missed'ones too


  1. I agree with you. The strongest people need a touch of heaven like what you did.