Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Motor Bike.......................

Last two weekends, I borrowed a bike from my brother in law and took Jovial to an open space and helped him to learn to ride a bike.......................

He managed it well,despite his maiden try at riding a bike and I am sure he loved riding too but now my concern is such like this.

My wife has objected to Jovial using the bike as the mode of transport to go to school, she said we were exposing him to great risk, I tend to agree with her but then again,what if Jovial insisted that he wanted to,just like his peers who could ride bikes to school?

Now parents like myself and many of you out there have more worries than your parents,my mom was never  worried about me cycling or riding a bike to school, she never controlled my going out and having fun but now we are all so scared.

Jovial is 16 now..............but we are still worried, can let him ride to school or not,when his time of getting a bike license finally comes/

P/S : We have lost that 'safety" feeling.............................


  1. So fast!!! 16 already... When I last saw him, he was just a little kid. How time flies...

  2. Well every parents sure will go through this stage, but I think it should be fine la!

  3. I wont let my kids take motorbike.. too risky nowadays... agree with your wife.. if possible, take car at the age of 17..

  4. My eldest bro have bike license and indirectly also force to learn as my dad past away when we in teenage. But thing different when my youngest bro wanna learn it, he is 10 years old younger than us. Mom refuse him to get expose to the danger. Situation change compared 10 and 20 years ago. It really isn't safe out there.

  5. My son is also 16 this year. He said wanted to learn riding a motorbike, my hubby seems to agree but I opposed to it! Just like your wife, I'm very worried of my son's safety. I told him it is 皮包鐵。As for myself, I knew how to drive before I learned to ride a motorbike in university. And the funniest thing was I only learned to CYCLE after I could ride a bike (learn to fly & walk before I can crawl, ha ha!). I fell from my bike once during cornering as I was riding too fast. I knew my son is the impatient type like me. Furthermore, nowadays it is just NOT SAFE! I wish I could say Yes as I must admit riding bike is fun... but I'm just too worried to allow him to so. Sigh...

  6. Nowadays riding a bike is not as safe as before. There are way too many cars now! I suggest get him a cheap car like kancil when he's ready to drive.It's much safer than bike.