Friday, July 05, 2013

After a few rescues.............

What would you do when your husband is deeply in debt not because of anything else but his gambling habit? He asks for your help to get him out of the problem but it is not the first time,in fact you have helped him a few times before.

It all started out with a so called casual football betting but eventually it got out of hand when this wicked habit of his became a compulsive one, he promised to quit but it never materialized.

I felt sad when it was shared to me by a good lady friend,she even has to part a substantial sum of saving to give him the saving grace the few two times.

I really hope my lady friend know just what to do................

P/S : Stop when it becomes unstoppable


  1. Hard habit to break.....not easy!

  2. It is hard to break habits, whether it is good or habit habits.

  3. Sometimes is so easy to involved in gambling unwittingly, but is very hard to quit from it once you addicted to it . Pray for him so that he able to quit from it asap...

  4. I will leave him until he can solve his problem. If first time, still can consider. But its a habitual way.

  5. bad habit never die. just recently in Sibu a husband killed his wife and 2 children over gambling debts. Really sad when things turn bad and desperate.