Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Life is never a bed of roses

I once knew someone who was once a successful businessman,he never knew that his businesses would be so hardly hit during the 1997 economic crisis that rendered him bankrupt.

I might not have liked his ways of doing business but I do have respect for him for his "will to survive even against all odds" He did not choose to commit suicide or to gas his whole family to death, instead he started from scratch to a new venture,the last I heard about him,he is doing "all right" even thought he is still a bankrupt.

When I read the news about how a husband,a father who was so deeply in debt chose to gas his two children and his wife to death but he himself did not have the courage to end his own,despite a few attempts,it really made me sad.

A father should protect the family and not ruin it, a father should get the whole family together to weather through all storms but not to resort to "end lives" to escape from the problems.

I am not to condemn anyone but it makes me wonder if one does not even have the "courage" to kill oneself, what gives him the "privilege" to kill others?

P/S : Choose life instead


  1. Am feeling the stress now too, weathering the storm. Tragic news though

  2. Oh yes, very sad news. The daughter is so young too. If life can exchange, then exchange with those eagerly want to survive patient.

  3. This guy is a coward. Debt and business are dangerous things if one does not know how to deal with them. The best way is to stay out, if one is not "equipped" for it.

  4. Many are too lavish and live not within the means of one. To kill is a sin and it can never be erased.