Monday, July 15, 2013

If we continue to do what we do,they will be all right

I would really love to share this with all the parents out there, this is my own personal experience, my frustration, my patience and my revelation.

You see with the advancement of all things internet and technology which is ubiquitous,our children would not be spared from not having to have "glued" to it, be it I phone,I pad or whatever,it is all about online games.

No exception to Jovial as well, there had been many umpteen occasions where my temper is lost, my cool vanished and the ugly sides of me manifested,simply because he glued too long engaging himself into the online games and outdoor activities seems to alien to him..

Coaxed him into running with me, don't want, go hiking, don't want, catch a movie, don't want, go out and be exposed to the sunlight, don't want, go swimming,don't want.

So, I finally gave up so called on him as far as going outdoor is concerned but I told myself that needed to set a good example, me and my lovely wife must continue to do what we love to do and not be dampened by any other things.

Perhaps,Jovial saw that in us that we love running so much, he eventually asked us to buy him a pair of running shoes and he began to follow me out to run for a few rounds, he began to know that he needed to get 'physical" on top of playing on line games too.

I am happier now,although his enthusiasm about running may not be as "crazy" as ours but I believe he will catch the bug one day.

You see,parents should not be all "talk" no "do"..if you keep asking your children to read some books but when they hardly see you read,it will some how hinder them.

If a parent loves to beat the red light in the presence of his children, I am sure that one day when the children know how to ride or drive, they would be "beating the red light" too.

P/S : We can help them to be better by doing the right things


  1. Mr T

    Hope you still remember me. I found your link when you left a comment on Malaysian Fin. and I have been reading your blog regularly since. You kids are lucky to have a dad like you.. It has been quite a while since I left my blog for good and I am hardly on line except when I read a few blogs as yours and my twitter (strictly for catching up on news and etc)

    take care and all the best

  2. Good for Jovial! True that parents do set an example, good or bad.

    How are you, Eugene? Trust all's well.

  3. As for me, it is the other way kids have to persuade me to go walk or jogging with them... hahaha...