Monday, June 24, 2013

As a son,I felt so shameful..

My mother has always been a thrifty person, I remember when I was in form 4,how she kept every penny that she could just to save enough money to buy me a new Honda motorbike.

I never knew how she did it,we were poor then,she was working as a domestic helper with meager salary and yet she had always tried her best to supply our needs even if it meant to deprive her own.

So her children all grown up now,having family of their own and somehow or rather, I felt terribly shameful of myself just last night.

I took her out for dinner last night,as we were chatting along,I told her that I just went to have my eyes checked and I was told to prescribe a pair of glasses,then my mother just interjected that she too was feeling uncomfortable watching TV lately and going out in the sun but she felt short in asking me if I could take her for a check up.

So I told her that I would take her to my optician to have her eyes checked too after the dinner but she insisted that there was no need for it,curious I asked her why cos she was already feeling discomfort with her sight, she didn't want to disclose the reason for her refusal,instead she just gave me another reason.

She said she had just prescribed a pair and there was no need for another but then again I asked if that was the case,why was still still feeling discomfort about her eye sight, I knew she might have a better reason than that.

I guess I knew what held her back.

I adamantly walked her to my optician but somehow right up to the threshold of the optical shop,she was still feeling kind of "heavy" of having her eyes checked but I just told the optician to do the needful, about 15 minutes,both my mom and the optician came out.

Then the optician explained to me what was needed by my mom, I told her to go ahead to give my mom the best,she then took out some frames for her to try on, I chose one for her but my mom kept asking me how much and how much and she said just a "normal" one would do.

Now suddenly I realized,it was that my mother never wanted to burden me so called financially from her "eyes discomfort" and that's also the reason why she never told me about her eyes malaise.

I assured her it was all right for her to have it done,so instead of asking me how much,she turned to the optician for answer, then the optician told her the frame plus the lens,all came out to about RM950, that really gave her shock,again I assured that was no problem with me at all................Ditto

All her life,she has been giving and yet only up until last night, she still felt bad how she would burden her children and I felt so ashamed of myself somehow or rather.

I am not here to trumpet how good I am a son or how great it was for me to spend RM 950 for her but instead I felt bad cos I never knew that she needed it badly,I mean I should have done it for her earlier than I should have last night.

Note : Seriously our parents never intended to "burden" us,even they needed help badly,they would keep it to the minimum,therefore please "look out" for their needs.................

P/S : There is one thing a woman always does it the best..........To Sacrifice for her family



  1. My mum is also same.. kept asking price one.. :) Well, I guess next time we also feel the same when our kids want to buy something for us.. will we?

  2. Your mom is blessed to have you, Eugene, and vice versa, perhaps? Keep on doing the good things you are doing. :)

  3. 天下的妈妈都是一样的,喔。。。天下的妈妈都是一样的。。。life is so ephemeral, appreciate and take care of her well when she is still with us. .......:-o is true!!!

  4. All the mom also like this, scare to burden her kids. My mom at her old age purposely go get a medical card, because she worry her kids will need to burden for her medical bill in future.

  5. All parents are like that. Mine also the same. Sometimes I do feel ashamed because make my mom worry about me and my family.

    No matter how old we are, to our parents' eyes, we are still their children.

  6. Most parents are like that; the good ones.
    They are very clear about what are wants and needs.
    Our currency is also being devalued greatly by Bank Negara's printing money to pay for all the corruptions, cronies projects.

  7. Nothing to be ashamed you did your best. You can get her at lower price to make her not feeling a burden onto you