Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ingenuously Marvell

No wonder he acted clandestinely last week, he was keeping guard of his "actions" and to make sure that they were not exposed before the "appointed time"

I knew that he had something up his sleeves and so on Father Day morning, he presented me with two gifts and to be frank they were made with love.

 He took about few day to come with this "collar" solely made of paper mache (the one you soak up all the paper,dry it and make them into the desired shapes) so he did those alphabets that resulted in the best of words" best dad".

The other one, he made me a card and I like the opening statement, it says,"From a child you have spent years investing in.........Marvell Ung"....

P/S : I shall remember it for a long time son


  1. The Efforts and the Thoughts are most touching! You are one Blessed Papa, Eugene!! :)

  2. Such a wonderful sharing that you posted here......blessed efforts that he did it to you!!!!Bro


  3. I am sure you will treasure these cards from Marvell.
    My girls made my husband cards too, they also chipped money to buy him a badminton wrist bands from NIKE. We went for a seafood dinner that evening.

  4. Very good investment ! You put in a lot of time and love.

  5. Really creative welcome collar for you. He is very sweet and I'm so touching too.

  6. Aww.. that is so sweet! Definitely made with love, lots of it.

    Trust you had a great Father's Day, Eugene.

  7. So sweet right? I know you'd shed tears when you are 60 and looking at this card, bro. Nothing beats a child's own creation, made out of pure love.

    God bless.