Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boy to Man.............................

I am glad that we can joke about this, I am happy that he can share this with us and I am loving it cos this family of mine does have some sense of craziness and joy that envelopes the whole household,albeit some fighting at times but all is good though.

When I came back from a meeting last night, I was fooling around with Jovial and Marvell before bed time, then suddenly I asked about his hair, ya those secret hair, I then asked,"Jovial, your hair came out already or not?" He being as cheeky as ever,gave some crazy dance moves and telling us,"got already lah"

To me it is another milestone as being a father, now that my boy has turned out to be a man,(hahahahahah) but then again, I should learn to handle this now man with different kind of approaches that he is not a boy anymore...............guess I am learning.

You know sometimes I really feel I am being a little too hard on him, he being the firstborn,glad that he can still call me a "papa" honored that he does still want to hold my hand sometimes when he is sleeping,guess that I should respect him that I should not insist of holding his hands in publice but then again all is good.

Just another thing though, I really really hope these two boys of mine(oops sorry one boy and one man) will grow up to have strong bonding as brothers and good buddies and I am thankful to God for them.

Son, you have given me so much joy and so much frustration along the way.
At times, I hope you can understand me but you would say likewise to me.
Sometimes it hurts when you act like a man, making feel like a boy.
Your nonchalance breaks me,when I say things that are not music to your ears.

Anyway,my consolation shall always be,you would still hold out to me
I still enjoy those silly punches you land on my tummy,
Tell you a secret, I enjoy kissing you on your cheeks without you knowing it.
Cos I am afraid you might not like it,when I do it openly, so please forgive me

P/S : Now that he is a man,now that I want to be a better dad


  1. bro, now you have 2 men and a boy at home la... good good... :D

  2. Man is always boy at heart. :D Have a nice day. :)

  3. Haha, guess this is one of the greatest news for you ya~

  4. wahhh..so fast become man? still a boy la.. unless.. er.. er.. :)

  5. See no worry on his puberty lah. Now his secret hair is growing, soon the voice will change.

  6. You are such a loving dad to your children. They are blessed.

  7. Kekekeke.... I agree with claire - still a boy, unless he, ahem....

  8. It's amazing how different "father-and-son"'s approach compare to "mother-and-son"'s. Both have their own unique way :)

    I have no idea how to talk these things to my son next time. Guess I will leave it to the father.... ;)