Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I did the silly thing...........

I am not sure if you have done like what I did yesterday, damn embarrassing one, I knew it was not right and unbecoming of me to have done such a thing..............

I was queuing up to withdraw some money from the ATM yesterday noon, it was not a long queue,while I was lining up,two customers were ahead of me, one man and a woman,( a woman probably in her early forties) and a few at my back.

With the man done, it was the lady's turn, she was quick in her business of withdrawing, in a jiffy, she was done as well, I was at the back of her when she was taking out the money from the slot,her body was partially turned as if she was in a real hurry to dash out and go.

Money all came out,she took it,she passed me over,so it was my turn. Then this is the killer,the unfolding of the episode of "Me The Unbecomingly" , before I could insert my ATM card,that lady's receipt came out, I pulled it out and as "busy bodying" taking a look at it,that lady was like suddenly transported by lightning,zap zap, she was there next to me.

I guess she knew I was holding her receipt, she asked for it,I gave to her then before she dashed out and go she said something like this in Hokkien," Kei Poh Ka Si" loosely translated in English,"you so busy body" implying that I was rude looking at her receipt(I did look at her receipt,just very vaguely)

I felt "pai sei" being told off like that and I knew it was wrong but then again I thought it was not a big deal cos one can see many receipts strewn all over in the ATM room,right?

P/S : I didn't mean to be rude,seriously


  1. aiyo bro... you did that? but actually I do too if I see the receipt sticking out of the ATM.. usually that's the usual reaction when you pull out things..

  2. wonder what will she say if you pull the receipt and threw it away. I bet it will create another scene by that woman. =p

    don't take it to your heart bro. let is pass and don't fret over it too much ya. =)

  3. well..i never do such thing yet..tapi siapa suruh dia leave before the receipt out...but still....anggap sajala sbgai pengajaran..next time terus buang jak..biar dia korek sampah to get her receipt.. :)

  4. Wah, simply forgotten about her receipt and then return unhappy because others have seen her bank balance? Tsk, tsk.... Ahem, btw I wonder how she scores in the balance (me, being kei poh ka si here).

    Sometimes this type of ppl.... is in-describable. No need to let her ruin your lovely day.

  5. Don't let her get you down.

    Why she didn't get the receipt or not print it if she didn't want ppl o kaypoh. You see her balance also, can do what, right?

    If it was me, I scold her for not throwing away the receipt and let it stick there. ;p

  6. Try thinking at the bright side, perhaps you saw her balance in the bank, but that doesnt mean you will rob her or anything right! Plus, you dont know each other ;)

  7. This type of receipt is not a big deal. No need to be so secretive also. She is a bit narrow minded, I would say.

  8. Her words were uncalled for. Cheh there are tones of these ATM receipts in the bin anyway... Btw how much her balance? Hahahahahaha