Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Prophecy ?

This just happened, someone called me on my mobile just now, she said she wanted to come to my shop to buy some ink cartridges from me,I told her the way over the phone.

Finally,she came and she said," I am teacher Adelyn, working in Marvell kindergateen" after much negotiation about the products price,suddenly she asked me this question," You know who I am?" I was thinking,"gila kah" she just told me she was Adelyn,how come ask me the same question again.

Then she pointed at her daughter and telling me," I knew you when I was Sarah age,(her daughter Sarah, age 10)You were Pastor Eugene, teaching me in children church in FGA Khaw Sim Bee road" you remember?"

I then jokingly asking her this," Adelyn, how old are you now?" she said,"early 30s" and I said "You are making feel very old already,I taught you when you were 10 and now you are early 30s with two children" I had a laugh.

The funny part is, she really thought that I was a Pastor Eugene from FGA and the nice part is having someone telling me that she could still remember me after all these long years. I am pretty and convinced now that once a upon time the children must have liked me a lot.... thank God for that.

Note and disclaimer : I am not a Pastor in anyway, never went to any theology school and I was just a "uncle Eugene" who loved God and children,that's all and I didn't know much about Bible too but I did know about how to love and how to forgive.

P/S : By Grace I am remembered


  1. Ha Ha Eugene, the past catching up with you.(good past ie)
    It's a good feeling to be remember. So many of the children I used to teach still remember me , some two decades later. They still call me comander or sir even though I had left the Royal Rangers ministries so long ago.

  2. hahahaha bro.. I only know you as bro.. never know you 'pastor' jugak ka.. muahaha... btw, my trip postpone, and I will call you again soon ya...

  3. You are Penang Godfather now Pastor Eugene,,what's next???hahaha

  4. so...u were in your early twenties when you taught her, Pastor Eugene! hahahaa... not bad..can still remember you after all these years! you must have been a very good leader then.. :)

  5. It's good to be remembered either in the good way or the other way round. But in your case, I'm sure it is in the good way :)

    Uncle Eugene? Not kor kor meh? Haha

  6. Uh...some people claim they know me too..but I just layan their fantasy...huhu...bad am i?

  7. LOL, did you leave any great impact to this Adelyn? She still remembers you after all these years :) I guess she must be grateful she 'found' you.

  8. Hoho... bible teacher rupanya :D

    i wish i have one of those days too when a person comes up to me and say they remember me and what good thing that I have done for them :D

  9. She sure remembers you, this Pastor Eugene who look a bit like Leslie Cheung. Wakakakak!