Thursday, November 03, 2011

It is okay son....and this one's for you...

I am sorry son,at times,when you feel kind of "pai sei" with me,when I act a little crazily, when I turn my 'sour face' at you,when i say a lot of NOs to you and you don't even know why,when you may ask"can my papa be a little nicer to me ?" when I am not and I am sorry when times I fail to keep up to my words.

But then again,I thank you my son,for giving me so much joy for being your dad,thank you for you've never uttered the words,"I hate you" thank you for you still wanting to reach out to hold my hands when you sleep and thank you for asking me to accompany you for a little while till you are far away from sleeping.......just thank you son. The joy of being your Papa,is to know that you can be good and you can be bad,you can be naughty and cheeky and you can be nice and lovely and when all that is said and done,I hope you can be proud of me as much as I am proud of you.

"Happy 14th birthday,Jovial" I love you and may the Good Lord continue to guide you with godly wisdom........................

P/S: 当你一天一天的成长,当我一天一天的变老,你永远都会是我心上的宝,有时你会高飞,有时你会跌倒,不怕,爸爸会呵护你,让你再一次的跑,再一次的飞高。也许有一天,你懂得比我多,我懂得比你少,请你别嫌弃我,因为爸爸给你的爱,永远少不了。。。。。。。。。。。


  1. Sometimes my hubby also gives my 14 year old son "sour face". He's much stricter to my son as compared to my girls. Men wish their sons will be at par, or exceed them one day...

    I would like to share with you the following poem I extracted from the internet (A slightly paraphrased version of the original poem by Erma Bombeck):

    Children are like kites.
    You run with them until you are breathless.
    They crash – you add a longer tail,
    they hit the roof-top – you pluck them from spouts.
    You patch and comfort, adjust and teach.
    You watch them lifted by the wind
    and assure them some day they’ll fly.
    Finally they’re airborne
    but they need more string
    so you keep letting it out.
    With each twist of the twine there’s
    sadness and joy because the kite
    becomes more distant and
    you know it won’t be long before
    it will snap the fine line
    that has bound you together,
    soar as it was meant to soar… independently free.

  2. 喜欢你对儿子的坦诚。:)
    也看到了,爸爸对孩子无私的爱。 好感动!

  3. Sang Yat Fai Lok to your son, Jovial.... he will grow up to be a fine man.. just like you.. :)

  4. A very touching post. Happy 14th Birthday to Jovial.

  5. Oh man, you really made me miss my dad... *teared*

  6. Happy birthday to your lil boy :D They grow up fast, don't they?

  7. Happy Birthday Jovial! and Bro, your 3 men in the house all birthdays very near!! GOOD!!

  8. This is a very touching and sweet post, I like the paragraph that you wrote in Chinese. When Jovial reads this, he sure has teary eyes. Happy Birthday to Jovial.

  9. Happy Birthday to your son Jovial. I guess we all gone through what he had gone through, as we are no Angel. We says things we regret later out of anger or whatever reasons. But being a good son they will always come back to Papa, because in their eyes Papa is their hero and friend. They enjoyed your company. I know because my eldest son, though already 29 and married still wants to hang around with me. My only regrets was I did not have good quality time with him when he was younger. Well we cant turn back time, but we can make the most of it now.

  10. This is so sweet, Eugene.

    Happy Birthday, Jovial! Also left you a greeting on your blog.

  11. Happy Birthday Jovial! :-) sour face, sweet face, salty face, poker face... it's part of growing pain.

  12. Happy Birthday, Jovial. Ahhhh...that's a lovely poem, Yuin Ting. Love it!

  13. Happy 14th birthday to Jovial! :)

  14. Your words certainly melted my heart. My eyes were moist thinking of my dad. Pass me your tissues!

  15. I think you are a superb and understanding father anyone could wish. The way you expressed yourself in your blogs show your qualities!

  16. Happy Birhday to your son.

  17. Happy belated birthday, Jovial~

  18. Happy Birthday, Jovial!!! May you grow up to be a proud papa's awesome son!!!