Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This is so true

"There must be a limit and some control.

I ask my students - what is 20% or 25...and they all took out their electronic calculator. Could not give me the answer without it - that's the kind of young people we have today...and now that we have advanced to more and more sophisticated gadgets, it is more a bane than a boon!

Parents pay for internet connection for their kids - you think they use it for research and for their school projects (they just copy from their friends...and they call it working smart) and their studies - dream on! Over the years as a teacher, I've seen it all... Can't understand why parents are so blind not to see it...or they just do not care...or they simply spoil their kids rotten!"

The above is the comment Arthur left in my comment box and I really found it to be so true,you see I have come across many boys and girls,you will be surprised how advanced their handphones can be, how "canggih" their MP3 can be,I have got a friend,who bought for his son,the "Beast" headset that cost him about RM1000 ++,that he uses it for no particular reason and I am sure he is not a musician.

I am not saying you should deprive our children of the certain kind of luxuries,but to keep changing handphone for them when there is any latest model coming out,isn't it way too much?

The other day,I bought for my son a brand new Toshiba notebook,it was only when his old one(which also got it second hand)is going to kaput anytime soon, I could sense that he was appreciative towards his new toy.

I wholeheartedly agree with this,how many times do we see our children using computer for the sake of doing research of to gain extra knowledge?

So,one day when these children grow up,not knowing how to plan for their finances,get into heavy credit card debt,friends shunning them(cos they can't give them any more handouts),please don't blame then,cos many years back,we spoiled them rotten..............

P/S : Going back to the roots


  1. Ummm...what's "Beast"? The only one I know is "Beauty and the Beast". So ketinggalan zaman, me... :(

  2. I would identify my students' errors and give remedial work...and I would give them the url's so they would go and do more practice exercises. Did they bother? NO! Did they learn to correct their errors? NO! Next composition, you see the same errors staring at you in the face.

    I told them to read short stories to improve their English - can't expect them to read novels...that would be too ambitious. Also told them to subscribe to Chicken Soup (for the Soul) so they will get a story every day via their emails, some short and some of charge. The books at the stores are soooo expensive. Did they? You know the answer...

  3. hey, i also dont know the BEAST la.. memang ketinggalan, (following stp's words) hahahaa...
    I only bought laptops for my two kids when they went to college, when they were in secondary, all of us shared a desktop.. but then that time none of us were addicted as we are now! hahaha...

  4. I don't know Beast either. Beast the Korean Pop group, I know lar...


    I'm sure me and hubby are very guilty of pampering our son. I hope that he won't grow into materialistic adult afterwards.

  5. Beast or Beats headset?? Good that my kids yet introduce into those "I" product.

  6. looks like this problem is not an isolate case hor?
    Are our kids spoilt or is it due to the time we are living in that we just can't do without those modern technology but to go along with it?

  7. Sori sori,,it is the Beats,,typo,no wonder so many of you "ketinggalan zaman" actually you tak da ketinggalan zaman,cuma aku yang kehilagan ingatan,,lol

  8. I do not own a computer at home. Now my son turn into 7, only then i know they have computer class for primary one.. Hahahahahha...I am outdated right? ^^

  9. Kids nowadays are more fortunate as their parents are living a more quality life. In my opinion, we introduce technology to our kids so they won't be living inside the coconut shell (katak di bawah tempurung).

    And at the same time we have to educate them to differentiate the cons and pros, wants and needs.

    p/s: if the school subject allows calculator, why no? :p

  10. I totally agree with you... kids nowadays are being spoiled too much. haha. They should be taught how to appreciate stuff :D

  11. I still haven introduce my eldest to any of the computer games yet .. but i can see at the age of 5yo, many had been eying and glu to the ipad la, pc la .... whatever .. sometime i wander is my son will be " ketinggalan " for this zaman ..... well, let see how it goes in coming years . But i can see many parents do this to keep their kids busy :)

  12. My hubby is a gadget freak but I always refrain him from spoiling my kids with all those latest devices. I'm glad he goes lelong website to buy 2nd hand items such as computers, handphone and camera lense.
    Even so, just now he told my daughter he plans to buy her a graphic tablet. I instantly objected! I want her to explore the traditional drawing media first (paper& ink). And by the way, now the kids are also asking for Guitar Hero...
    My kids think I'm a dinasour :-(

  13. If they are confident they don't need the latest fashion or any brand name things to feel good.

    We need the kids to read widely about economies, businesses and politics and teach them how the world works.

    They need to know how businesses make them spend and how banks make money from debts. Banks love to have us in debt as long as we can pay them back with interests.

    Teach them who makes money in the mall, who wasted money in the mall ..and if any politicial cronies own the mall.

  14. I only change my hp when it gives me problem and have never spent more than rm500 on my hp, I don't even own an iphone or blackberry. So why do kids need such canggih phones these days only to play fb and listen to music on it?

  15. Oops....I was about to change my h/p or rather smartphone and pass the old iPhone 3GS to my 6 year old kid....

  16. well, I would make sure my kids are old enough to take care of the new gadgets.

  17. Times have changed compared to our growing up years. The best is taking the middle paths. That is SAFE!

  18. Re Yvonne's comment
    "p/s: if the school subject allows calculator, why no?"

    Yes, if it makes things easier for us, but we should not neglect the basic. For instance, MANY people are so dependent on the rice cooker that when there is no electricity or the cooker is spoilt, they do not know how to cook rice. When they try, it comes out either uncooked...or it has turned into porridge.

    Exploit technology by all means - just make sure we do not become crippled by it!

    So, who cannot cook rice without the rice cooker? Hands up!!! There...all guilty as charged