Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday's quiz.......

Of late,there is so much hullabaloo in regards to the issue of the gomen reverting the teaching of Math and Science in English, I know that the decision has been made,life goes on...........but one thing I really feel like asking, is that.

Where do you think our ministers sending their children to for education? Local international schools or Sekolah Rendah XXXX or Sekolah Menangah XXXX or Oxford, Cambridge,Harvard or USM,UTM,UUM or UM?

Another question...........When do you think Oxford,Cambridge and Harvard will use the Malay language as their teaching medium? 5 years from now, 15 years from now, 25 years from now or 55 years from now?

It is so sad that as far as our education policies are concerned,our children are the ones suffer the most.............and I like it when my friend who said it," we are only churning out robots after robots when they finish Uni......."

P/S : Whatever said and done,let us develop the skill of learning,learning whatever that is to come


  1. Good question... perhaps they think that rakyat biasa cant afford those school and just wanted to contained them in the country.

    You know most of the students either fund by the gomen or not... some just wont come back already.

    well having saying that, i really disagree with the recent changes. apparently gomen is short sighted. haiz pity the kids nowadays.

  2. Our ministers are all basically a bunch of lying, thieving hypocrites!

  3. Ministers' sons and daughters are in private school since nursery, so they have got no issue.

  4. So rite now who gonna suffer? Our kids! Changing means confusing! I still remember when I sat for my Uni's paper...U can either choose to answer in BM or English!Actly they r helping the other one to pass the exams!

  5. Our minsters are "Leech-er", not Leader. They are slimy and they suck blood.
    In many ways Malay is a very simple language with very limited vocabulary and very short literary history. It is not like French, Chinese, English. Japanese, Spanish with long rich history.
    It does not have any high level math and scientific terms too.

    No one will even use it for high level international trade between Malaysia, Indonesia or Brunei as most legal and technical terms will be so distorted after translation.

  6. However, there are even local Chinese Professor(s) who kept the rule that Msia shud be like Japan or Korea, using their own language as nationality, but did they know how hardworking are those people then?
    Worst of all, most academicians who work overseas will find our Msian academicians insisting of using BAHASA MALAYSIA as a medium of communication in any conference in which the foreigners will totally regard such language an alien to them as scientific research is totally in English.
    Msia is going to face down right in the 2020 if she insists on using BM as a medium of instruction. The pupils/students are the guinea pigs of such so called education system! Wont be surprised, come year 2012 the CAUSEWAY to Spore will be exploding with congested traffic due to parents who will send their children in whatever means to Spore for further education.
    Politicians in Msia are just "angkat burit" or "ya, betul" or "boleh" attitude as in the course to submit to the needs of their higher authority as to save one's rice bowl and indeed not for the rakyat in many ways!

  7. sembilan sembilan lapan puluh satu
    nine nine eighty one

    Quiz: who can get the answer faster?

  8. sad....hope our children's future will be a bright one. Hope more improvement are being done.

  9. I m not happy about son would be studying in BM next year then.

  10. That's just to get the miserable piece of paper...which has about the same value of toilet paper or less, if you ask me. No choice, we need the passport to "go places" later in life.

    It's all politics. The rural kids and those in the smaller towns cannot cope with English - like many Chinese students from Chinese primary schools...going to BM medium in secondary or last time, English medium. They all end up in the "gong kia" (stupid kids) classes waiting to fail and rop out and go to work.

    And MANY teachers - having studied in the BM medium - CANNOT teach in English (and many are not even bothered to learn - young teachers nowadays). I'm sure no parent would want their kid to be thought by some half-past six Science of Maths teacher.

    Here in my place, the problem is NOT BM - the students' BM sucks big time bad as their English. Why? Because of the SPEAK MANDARIN culture here - young parents have this identity crisis and are obsessed - everything in Mandarin...and look at where it has got their kids. Cannot even speak their own dialects, mind you! Their own mother tongue is lost forever.

    Go to school to get the toilet paper...and at home, teach your child IN ENGLISH...converse with your child IN ENGLISH if any parent is really so concerned and NOT making noise BECAUSE OF POLITICS.

    Our time, where got parents and politicians kacau-kacau like this... I'm sure they have their own ulterior motives - to exploit education as their political platform and make waves... I wonder how many are really SO concerned...and come to think of it, I wonder how many actually have kids...or school-going kids, for that matter!

  11. Before I went to teach at rural school, I used to support PPSMI. (Although my English isn't that good..) but after I went to rural place, the children there are very bad in English (even BM because they use their native language as first language)- It has pro n cons.. maybe it benefits those children in city but not for the children in rural place..

    I couldn't agree more with u. to me, PPSMI is good, only the implementation is KO.. they should start from preschool- not in primary 1 and form 1..

    the problem with our edu system- tukar saja menteri, terus tukar system- and the mangsa? school and children. :(

  12. for 20 years, i pronounced sulphur as 'suulfur' and not 'salfer'