Saturday, November 05, 2011

Seksualiti Merdeka......Can we leave them alone ?

If the right of freedom of expression is one's right then we should leave the gays and the lesbians alone, I bet they are not asking for more,probably they are only asking to be accepted like the rest of the "staights" like you and me,is that too much to ask for?

It really is frustrating that those so called politicians who at one hand, adamantly portraying themselves as the defenders of freedom of choice and opinion,on the other hand,coming so hard on those gays and lesbians.

Who is more dangerous,gays who live their daily lives,earning as hard as you and I or those politicians who take away our millions by ways of corruption? You think for yourself.

Who creates more hatred amongst us,the lesbians who just want to express themselves or the politicians who insinuated that this land is not of yours and asking you and me to go back to "Tiong San" or "India"?

Is the most heinous crime the bombing of a pretty lady from faraway land with C4 committed by gays or lesbians? No,right?

I know many of us believe that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of religion but then again,are we all not sinners ?when we cheat behind our wives,when we tell lies,when we covet the things that not of ours,when we purchased a binocular which worth only like RM1,000 +++ for an outrageous amount of RM50,000 ++, when we take away the money that is not of ours,million upon millions by the ways of corruption, are we not sinners then?

At the end of it,so be it,if the gays and lesbian choose the ways they are,let us accept them,let us make them part of us,you and I are not to judge them for when THE DAY of JUDGMENT descends upon each and everyone of us,and when we meet our MAKER,, HE has the last say.

Just a note of cautions,for those who hate gays and lesbians so much,I hope that one day your child will not be like one of them....................

P/S : God created us all equal,that's according to HIM and not according to you and me


  1. I dunno what is seksualiti merdeka and I won't care about it. Because there is heck lot of obstacle in my life . . . I am just being selfish :P

  2. "Judge not lest you yourself be judge!" and "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..."

  3. someone argued with me about this matter- about the gays n lesbian in my blog last year- all I can say to that person is who are we to judge these people. Its His job.. agree with suituapui :)

  4. We are all the same, gay or straight. Our dirty politicians are just trying to win votes.
    Most Malaysians are still "Government Fearing" people due to the fuzzy draconian ISA law. ISA sole purpose is to keep the ruling party in power.
    With the Arab Spring, I hope we have some form of ASEAN Spring to revamp the political landsacpe.

  5. let them hv some peace of mind..

  6. Yeah leave them alone. It is not even a gay parade! And science have already proven being gay is not a matter of choice. So sorry for the organizers and the gay people who are trying to get others to accept them.

  7. i find nothing wrong and never held any grudges against our gay/lesbian community. We are all Malaysians anyway

  8. Re. Kuching Guy's comment. Haven't they done away with the ISA thingy? You're outdated, it seems...and of course, you will have all kinds of reasons why they decided to do away with it. People only see what they want to see. Now, Singaporeans are fighting to get rid of it in their island republic...

  9. Re. Twilight's comment
    What has the government got to do with this? Thought it's the Bar Council thing and some Muslim group protesting?

  10. ...and they wanted the Elton John concert to be banned as "it will be a bad influence on the younger generation". Good grief! I wonder how many young people will go to watch that old diva perform...

  11. I hate to say this but aren't the authorities barking up the wrong tree?! And who are we to say they (the gay community) are different when in their eyes, the majority of us are different.