Monday, August 01, 2011

Thomas 29. Apple 27...................

I have been asked this question far too many times already,"Eugene, would you accept it,if one day your son come running to you and telling you that he is a gay?".............

There was this headline,gracing the front page in almost all of the Chinese press last Saturday, featuring a wedding of Thomas 29 and Apple 27 of which happened to be the same sex marriage said to be the first in this country.

Some of us may curse our tongues out, lashing at them for decaying the society, for eroding the moral values and sadly some of us may even reprimand the parents for allowing this wedding to take place.

On the other hand, some of us may put our hands up, heralding them as heroes for their courage to come out in the open and no longer need to love each other in the dark, unnerving the fear of social stigma.

As for me, I am neither against nor approve of such kind of union, i don't need to, for Thomas 29 and Apple 27 know what it best for them, simply because both of them are an ADULT who has the right to choose their own live and if I were to know them personally, I would also extend my sincere blessing to them.

In retrospect, after all that has been said about Thomas and Apple, I must say that I really respect the parents of this couple, accepting them unconditionally, going through those hard times with them,(you know the scorns, the unkind words and the finger pointing and the gossips from friends and particularly relatives), to this I must take my hat off for to parents of Thomas and Apple.

Back to my question at the beginning of this post,I would be happy at least my son could RUN to me telling me he is a gay, instead of telling others,secondly I would, as a father to teach them to guide them the best that I can and to submit them to the Good Lord and when they are ADULT, they are to choose their own lives..............................

P/S : Sometimes happiness does not entail who is wrong, who is right


  1. I wish them happiness! But I will not encourage/agree with this trend....

  2. I dont agree with the trend either, and I could never understand. But I do have friends who are gays, and it's fine actually, just that I always felt it was a choice rather than inborn.

  3. No comments - it's their lives and it's up to them how they would choose to live it. We can guide and advise - always pull, not push...or we will end up pushing them further and further away from us...and we can pray.

  4. I am neither agree or disagree but I solute for their BRAVE to LOVE! Liang Jing Ru - Yong qi song is very suitable in this case.

    If your son tell you this news you should be happy because they care what you think. You can give counselling in case they are still fresh in thier life because nowadays youngest are not mature enought!

    P/S: I make sure bring ipad next meeting

  5. This is a sensitive issue... I wonder how long will the government wait to act.

    Not that I'm happy for them, I'm actually thrilled for them for being so bold. But then again, it's just a matter of time for the G-guys to interfere.

  6. yeah, i would think it's the couple's business and there is no one to judge whether they are right or wrong to get married.. but i definitely salute parents of both the grooms to be so open and showing the unconditional love and support to their son.. and i am sure they are very proud of each other..

  7. i'm so outdated, if i didnt read your blog, i would never have known. sigh... Anyway, we've had a gay wedding in 2005 right here in my hometown, and now a lesbian wedding in another state. what else is next? i hope nothing more bizarre than that.

  8. I respected their LOVE.. U know have guy friend who actually turn into AQUA during my college days. I even saw him wearing girls bra, dress.. etc.

    My lady friend bring him to buy bra at supermarket but he indirectly not showing in public. He asked my friend to purchase for him. It's like kinda sad to see this situation. Parent of this guy really dunno their son behave and turn into aqua when he's at outside hanging around with friends.

    I like your honest answer Eugene. I do agreed with u =)

  9. very well said!your son is one lucky boy to have you as his parent!