Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I am sure you can help me on this........

I am sure you can agree with me that in life there are certain things, no matter how small the gestures are, will some how bring so much joy to others, small gestures like calling up someone, text some one to give words of encouragement, to lend a ear and most important of all is to give a broad sincere smile, ditto.

Just a few months ago, it was by chance a sweet serendipity that I got to know a new friend of whom eventually we became good friends, she knows my entire family as well. I like this girl for her gut, her honesty and her views about life itself, some one I am sure is good to keep as a good friend.Link
Along the way, I told her that i blogged and I encouraged her to start a blog of her own too, i knew that she loved to write, she sometimes writes articles for a certain Chinese press and the proceeds she gets from writing, she would give to charities.

She told me she was damn good in Chinese but she was in way trying to improve on her English as she claimed that it was not a forte to write in English, i then persistently bugged her to start a English blog of which she eventually relented and she agreed to start blogging.

Her blog codenamed First Timer, it is really rather new, now I know how it is like being a newbie in everything we do. For example, on our first day at work, we would hope, our colleagues would invite us for lunch and many many more, we need the encouragement on our FIRSTs, therefore my dear blogger friends out there, if you happen to read this post. please do something for me and for my friend.

Please do hop over to first timer aka Adeline and do tell us First Timer will soon become Seasoned Timer...........and let us connect as one and lend our support to fellow bloggers, ya?

P/S : I give you a ear,when you feel like talking, I'll give you a hand,when you are falling


  1. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for everything ! Btw, what time is your man coming? hehe

  2. I am not sure if I can help others.....I will do what I can do ya.

  3. It is good. She is doing a great job :). Thanks for sharing her.

  4. Hey Bro you sure make friends easily. any friends of Eugene is a friend of mine. have drop by her blog.

  5. Thanks for the link-up, Eugene. There'll be many lessons to come away with over at Adeline's.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Adeline Ong!

  6. Scratch my back, I scratch yours. Hope she'll drop by mine first...I always reciprocate.

  7. Ahhhh... you are not only a wonderful husband, a great father but also an awesome friend!

    p/s: Re the Fisher Price contest, yalor, your boys are too old for all the toys... perhaps you can enter on behalf of your niece or nephew( age: 1-6);D

  8. Wah Eugene, kudos for spreading the bloggie love. Will definitely check her site out. You definitely make friends easily :)

  9. hopping over to your friend's blog now XD