Sunday, July 31, 2011

First time eluded, second time grabbed.

Over the phone, I knew that this girl must be or should be a wonderful person to be made friend of, she sounded so chirpy,excited and happy when I called her up last week,after I left a comment in her blog asking if she wanted to join me and my lovely wife for a weekend run.

She could not make it the first time though,the following week, i did the same leaving message on her Facebook to invite her for the weekend run too,.

The next morning I recieved her message about 7.12 am, telling she was on the way to meet us (me and wifey),i quickly called her up,telling her we were not going for the run for my wife was kind of sick, then she said ok lah but still as cheerful as ever.

I was thinking to myself that I should not let this friend down, she drove all the way to meet us, and even text us telling us that she was on the way already, i quickly called her up again, asking where she was and telling us to wait for us for breakfast instead of run.

We finaly met,just the three of us,me, my lovely wife and Ying Ying Dai Tou Har , I am so happy that I met any other blogger friend from Penang and true to my pre-conceived ideas and impressions of her, she was indeed very very nice person and I am sure we will meet for many times to come for we have one common interest Running.......

So, please do me a favor guys, this Dai Tou Har is only 3 month old blogger, let us connect with her like how we once connected with one another and I am sure you are gonna to like her like i do, no lie one, she is indeed very easy to get along with.

Me and Dai Tao Har, picture taken by my lovely wife on the 30th of July 2011, 8.08 am at Green Lane, Jalan Tembaga ...Seng Coffe shop,

Note : Hey, Ying, now that i have done all that apple polishing, that you truly a nice person so now a Paulaner on you,ok? kekekekkekekekek

P/S : Thank you dear for making the effort


  1. Oh right, both of you are from Penang right! =)
    Nice photo but too small la :P

  2. It has been 38 yrs since i was in Solok Tembaga Green Lane I think you mentioned the name. There was a teacher who lived there n I would walk her home daily carrying her books from Batu Lanchang.

  3. Haha! Nice, both of you have common interest, can run marathons together!

  4. you are right Eugene, if people make the effort we should not ffk people. this has always been my principle. since you both have something in common it's is no surprise you were able to click immediately.

  5. oh I've seen Dai Tao Har's blog before, and yea she's pretty new. Penang lang some more! Hey bro, i'm going back penang this weekend, Hope we could meet up for some yum char maybe. Can call along Dai tao Har too :)

  6. She's been my blogger-friend for a while now. You just met her kah? Ooi...karaoke queen that one, terror...don't play-play. LOL!!! Next time we go, must take her along... How's her hand? Ok already?

  7. Eugene, really nice to have breakfast with you.. and this was my first time meeting someone i met from the internet lehhhh. ^^ a very big thanks to you and your wifey for willing to come out to meet me despite of her not feeling well. hope she's better today. Have a great week ahead, my Penang blogger friend! :)

    p/s: Paulaner is my favourite! sure buy you :D :P

    p/s2: i'm on cloud nine today.. cuz i'm "featured" in eugene's blog leh.. ^.^v

  8. Nice to meet up with blogger friend. Nice photo.

  9. Eugene,

    You seems have YAN FEN will GIRLS! hahaha!

    Is good to have more friends around, not just for business.

  10. hey.. i know her.. she is a nice lady... i mean i know her thru blogging la.. hahaha...