Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fooled by handsome'ness

She is only 17 years old,studying in one private college, befriended one handsome middle eastern guy,(now i can safely say most of those middle eastern guys are handsome) studying in the same college.

She was eventually impregnated by this handsome guy, he knew about the pregnancy, stopped college, ran back to his mother land. The girl and her mother tried to contact him, he agreed to father the baby when it came out,provided the girl's family must fly over to some where in the middle east to meet with the boy's parents, money constraint and fear loomed, they eventually dropped the idea.

Last night, I had dinner with a friend, who shared with me the above story and this true story was about his cousin's daughter. Two days ago, the baby came out, a baby girl and a fatherless one........and the real father of the baby could not be contacted any how and the girl's family is of low income,i wonder what would happen to that little baby?

Last night, i really felt like asking my friend if he could help me to ask if the little girl was up for adoption but i was too timid to do so..cos he told me that it was kind of hard for them to keep the little angel.

Anyone of you know the procedures of adopting a child legally?

P/S : Beauty is just skin deep


  1. You plan to adopt the little girl, Eugene? That's a such a great deed.I'm sure you can refer to Social Welfare Dept. for the legal procedure.

    Like you said, "fooled by handsomeness". These girls believe their men 101%, because they are too young and naive. They are learning the hard way, sadly.

  2. From my friend's experience, she got a lawyer to do this for her and her husband...that the mother of the child will give up her right as the parent and the adoptive parents are given the full rights as the legal parents/guardian of the baby (something like that). I think she did it so that one day if the mother decided to change her mind and take the baby back, she no longer can challenge the adoptive parents. But the mother is still allowed to see her baby every now and then (now 3 years already). Maybe just for legal purpose I think.

    If you wish to adopt the baby...I wish you all the best, and I believe that you and your family can give her all the love, care that she needs. =)

  3. Great for you to adopt that angel and what about another fatherless child aka Bananaz might as well do it together haha. Sorry not quite sure on the procedures.

  4. Agree with Angel BeaR that its for safe guarding the interest of the child so that the biological mom do not come back and claim the child later. Once the child is adopted legally she would be just like your very own child and has every right to inherit your legacies.

    About visitation rights that depends on individual. Some completely cut off all the links and ties whatsoever but like Angel BeaR's friend's case allow the mother and child to see each other. Gotta weigh the pros and cons.

    Good luck! We all know the little angel would be in good hands.

  5. It takes too hands to clap - she was not cannot blame other party. Adoption? Maybe you ask at Welfare Department? Not easy...long tedious process. Easier if you have baby's mother's consent, I compared to abandoned babies.

  6. Legal procedure.. takes months and years (if baby is in welfare dept)... illegal process-less than a month.. which do you prefer? :)
    anyway, check through background first...
    let us know about your outcome.. provided it is not "dark"... if u know what i mean..

  7. I agree with ReanaClaire and Situapui. Getting the Welfare department involved is tedious and long winded process. Easier if the mother will give up willingly and you can just proceed with the legal matters yourselves.

  8. OMG... cannot imagine things like that happening to anyone I Know... SO SAD!

  9. It's sad that these things happened to our young girls. And I'm glad that you are giving this little baby girl a new chance of life.

    Ps. I will try to ask of my friends if any of them are lawyers of this adoption procedure.

  10. Probably, i will have to check with my lawyers friends about this issue

    Now i remember, a church member once told me (who adopted a daughter) to adopt a child, the couple must be medcially proven that they themselves cannot have baby at all, this is one of the conditions, and i do not fall into that category,,,is it true, i wonder?

  11. I think in this case, if the mother is willingly to give up her baby for adoption, just an agreement will do. what matters most is that you can support this baby to give what she needs - a very loving family and financially able to support her.

    I think you qualified for it.

    But best to ask your lawyer friends. they might give you some light.

  12. Hmm is the baby registered yet?
    If not get the girl to register the baby as a single mom. no need to mentioned the bastard father there. then as good will, u offer to take care of the child. not sure if u want to take it legally. both of families have a mutual agreement, that's better.

  13. Every child deserves good parents. I came across a poem about adoption (but it's about orphan). It's very touching & I feel that if you adopt a child (whether orphan or not, it means it's fated 父女緣)

    Every call has a beginning
    A quiet moment when God
    whispers a promise to a mother's heart
    A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts
    the journey set before him.
    A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns.....
    Casting its first light on a chosen threshold.
    A gentle knock... a closed door opens.
    A sacred invitation sent by the Father..
    Leads to the other side of the world.
    Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows.
    Praying for someone to care...
    and then one morning,
    On an ordinary day
    An orphan's life is changed...
    God sends them a second chance.... Through you...

    - unknown author

  14. we hear of this incident every now n then.

  15. You're adopting the baby, Mr Eugene..? I had a friend, their family also adopting a baby (whom is her little brother right now) So I guess you don't have to be in that category you mentioned to adopt a baby.. :)

    I know this might a bit out of topic, but this scares me.. My best friend's boyfriend now is a middle eastern guy. I know it is bad to label everyones the same but I suspect that that guy is not serious with her. I hope she's okay.

  16. My neighbours (a couple) have 2 adopted daughters also due to the story as u wrote, but since this couple didnt or couldnt bear their own, they went to the REGISTRY dept to adopt such, but lst, the maternal mother must consent, and the adoptive parents will have the certs. done with ADOPTIVE PARENTS

    Not as winding as we all have thought, but there is a procedure that is. I see my neighbours' daughters all now in the most loving parents but only very sad, if the girls one day found out their true identity!

    MAY GOD BLESS ALL THOSE INNOCENTS!!!! Your story just broke my heart too..

  17. adopting child in Malaysia is not that tedious, provided you get the consent of the mother / parents. BTW, while waiting for the decision, I hope your friend's cousin daughter has registered the birth of the baby WITHOUT the father's name!! Ask me if you need any details / help in getting things done since I am one who is almost the same boat as her!

  18. Thanks guy for all the comments,,,,,

  19. It is really a very good idea for you adopt the baby girl of this 17 years young single mum.