Monday, May 23, 2011

Two stories.........equally funny

I enjoy spending my lunch with Jovial, it is the time we both could talk, he could ask, i could joke and he could joke as well, so today's lunch was no exception, he was sharing this with me.............

Out of nowhere, he suddenly said this to me," You know papa, it is very hard to be a girl" I was litterally taken aback by what he said, without hesitation I asked him why did he say what he said, I thought probably he now understood how hard it was for his mother to be a mother to him and as a wife to his father but nothing close to that came out from him.

I asked," Why did you say it was hard to be a girl" he responded," Of course, it is hard, if a girl likes a boy, she cannot simply go up to him and say,"i like you, right? Now I know what he meant and jokingly asked him, was there any girl intereted in him, he said no lah.

He was telling me how this Brands Essence of Chicken had done good to his friend as far as his friend's exam was concerned, he was telling me that this Brands Essence of Chicken was so good until his friend improved on his exam from 60 to 74 but in the end he was telling me the otherwise about Brands Essence of Chicken.

He said it was actually not the power of Brands Essence of Chicken that helped his friend, all he did was he simply cheated and i thought it was funny coming from my 14 year old son and on the hindsight, i truly enjoyed doing lunch with him.

P/S : Cheekilly he is my son, funnily i am his father


  1. i think it's a nice thing to have a good bond just like friend between a daddy and a son.. there's where you have endless conversation to bond the relationship.. :)

  2. quality time with our kids is important.

  3. Oh man Jovial... if only a girl like me and come up to me and admit it... ahhhh hahaha

    Sorry I seldom post comment nowadays. caught up with work in the morning and not convenient to login to blog sometimes =/

  4. funny bro :) funny but true :P

  5. These days girls hiong kai-kai...where got wait for boys to make the move one! That's ancient history lor...

  6. Hi Eugene, ha ha, cute boy you have there...
    and can see he is close to you. Wayyyy to go!
    Nothing like father and son bonding.

    Incidentally, I would run for the hills when young my mother asked me to take that essence of chicken!
    Never liked the smell or taste.....ha ha.
    You have fun, stay young.
    Best regards.

  7. Agree with stp wor. The other day my 7 year old boy came back with stories about how 3 girls in his class kissed the boys. Eeeeeyeeaa he said. Don't play play yunno, girls these days and they start young too! My boy used to get I love U messages complete with drawings of hearts and couples holding hands from two girls at his kindy.

  8. Haha, never expect your Jovial would say something 'matured' like this, 'it is very hard to be a girl'... =D

  9. Great bonding time with your little one... but I still wondering why he claimed it's hard to be a girl,lol!

  10. LOL! He inherit your funny genes, Eugene. I always envy your father and sons' bonding. So truthful and frank. I hope my children will treat me as a friend, rather than a mere housemate, when they become teenagers.

  11. It's so good that he can talk to you about everything

  12. totally agree with STP!

    anyway, u have a good relationship with ur sons eugene. keep it up, u r a great dad! :D

  13. Good bonding time for father and son. I happy too when I read your funny conversation.