Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This feels so good.

If you could recall, i was sharing how Jovial did not fare too well in his previous exam, he even flung his Malay a month or so ago.

There was no scolding from us, there was no comparison made, there was no punishment meted out, there was no silent treatment rendered to him, all that we (my lovely wife and I ) did was sharing our thoughts with him, telling him the results back then was only commensurating with his effort.

We encouraged him to prove his worth, we assured him that he could do better than he did last, the competition was and still is tough for him being in the second class, we let him take his breather, we allow him some space to readjust himself.

When we stepped back during his most recent exam, we were so surprised that he took all the initialtive, to do what he thought was imperative to prepare for his exam....... and the result was simply amazing.

He is the third highest in his history (which he did quite badly in his last exam), forth highest in mathematics (his self confessed weakest subject), passed his BM with marks of 67 (may be no big deal to you but to me this son of my deserves the pat pat on the shoulder, remember he failed his Malay the last exam?)

When we make them feel about even the little improvement, big surprises will come out of it.

P/S : With loads of Love, we shall see the difference


  1. Yes yes I also believe in that kind of parenting, even though I am not one yet haaha. But when I get to that bridge, I will do as what you did to your dear Jovial.

    See, he got good results and passed his BM... 67 is very high to the minimum passing marks right.

    Congrats to him... or should I say, congrats to the parents? ;)

  2. but the parent still FLUNKED in spelling!
    same old, same old. never improve.

    smack!!! (not the back but on the head!)

  3. Hey Aduh,

    I stand corrected... no excuse given,,

  4. Your son is doing very fine cos he has no tuition also.. this is really based on his own efforts!

  5. not sure whether am more proud of your son or his parents. whole family deserves it.

  6. a loving father will see lots of improvements in the child. I like this

  7. Your boy is blessed with such dedicated and thoughtful parents, how I wish to be your child if we ever hv next life!

  8. Why his Malay no good? Teacher no good? Maybe there's a tuition teacher who can help. But my daughter always got very low marks in school for BM - also around 60...and in the end also got A in her PMR and A1 in her SPM. Dunno what these teachers in the school are doing - maybe they think they are TOO clever.... Can be very demoralising.

    But for English, if 60 something, A already.... You see lah! Who are the people very poor in the language - must lower the mark so all of them can also get A.

  9. Eugene,
    A little encouragement does wonders.

    "Proverbs 18:21 says
    The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit"

  10. I have something here, encouragement and motivation work better than everything else. Bravo to Jovial.

  11. I m very proud of ur son. Well done. Continue to motivate him

  12. yeah..we, as parents, we must encourage our kids with love to prove something better,
    well done Papa :)

  13. If encouragement and motivation fail, punishment seems to be the only way. No worries, this day will never come.

  14. Hi Eugene, thats the way to go. Scolding, threats won't work. Makes matter worst.
    This way he gets your encouragement, he has exceeded his and both you and wife's expectations.
    Good for him.
    Give him $10, ha ha.
    ps, a friend of mine pinned $50 above his 9 year old son's bed. "Straight 'A's it's his. A months later it was.

  15. Well done Jovial. Having such parent like you so bless, no forcing no pressure. A credit for you too :)

  16. Great job! Happy to hear this.