Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Truth Revealed..........

This is something about my neighbor of whom other neighbors abhor and kind of regard them as being unfriendly with an ill-mannered son who is in his mid thirties and of whom some neighbors had been even challenged to fight with him.

When I went back yesterday, a saw of group of three men, raising their voices at the said neighbor and his wife and demanded to talk to their son, as a neighbor I thought i could be of some help (not being busy body though) , so i walked up close to that group in the presence of my neighbor and his wife and i asked my neighbor what was going on.

With his mild voice, he told me his son owed these people a few thousand dollars and he had gone into hiding and asking these debtors to come and get the money from this couple(my neighbors) and he lamented, this was not the first time the parents had to stand in to bail him out.

The three men insisted that the parents pay for their son's debt but the father said he could no longer do that and the three men refused to budge, nicely i told the tree men to leave and not to harass the couple and said to them if they wanted to they could come back anytime, after much convincing, they left.

At the end of it, the wife was saying to me that they were so ashamed of their son that they felt so bad about the previous incidents and that's why they shun the neighbor and now i knew they were not being rude.

I felt so bad for this old couple, the only child and they have got the worst of him and I am sure that they'd indeed helped him out so many times but may be their hands were really tight this time.

I like the Malay proverb,"Nak Melentur aur biarlah dari rebungnya"

P/S : Start them young right


  1. The parents owe the son, or the son owes the parents. All from the previous life - karma talk.

  2. Poor kid... wondering what's wrong with him...
    Luckily those men were not too rude, at least they were willing to leave without much threatens...

  3. WTFARK! Never ever ever do that to your parents people! This is just sick, feeling really sorry for the old couples.

    Sigh, some people just dont use their brain anymore... broken down world.

  4. Ah Long? sigh.. very sad for the parents.. hard earned money just gone into the drain like that..

  5. As you sow, so shall you reap...

    When children turn out to be like this, the parents are to it in a small or a big way.

    I've a family down the road - the children even involved in murder cases, driving their cars so fast along out small and narrow road, playing music late into the night at earthshaking volume...and when they quarrel (dunno who with you),the whole lane could hear- all the foul language used!

    If they had been properly brought up, surely they would not behave like that... The immediate neighbour wanted everyone to sign a petition to lodge a complaint - no, thank you. We would not want to be involved. They're murderers, don't play play!!!

  6. don't play play with ah long..

  7. It is just so sad. For the sake of the old parents, I hope they quit bugging them for they are innocent. Good thing you were around to help out.

  8. sad case. surely the parent can't be paying the son's debts all the way. time the son learnt his lesson and hope he will turn over a new leaf.