Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dangerous 13............................

When my Jovial asked me if i wanted to watch "YouTube" depicting a 13 year old girl being bullied by her school mates, I declined his offer,reason being to me it was nothing new and it shall not be the last either.

You must also agree with me that time has changed with the advent of technology and our children being inundated with barrage of so called "information super highway", why are then things not turning out to be better, especially to our teens but otherwise is prevalent.?

I had talked to Jovial school headmaster and disciplinary masters, they told me there was so much they could do in so called disciplining the recalcitrant students and as they put it" anything beyond the perimeter wall of the school" is none of their concern.

If what the HM and the disciplinary expounded to me can be established as something making sense, lest their cars not being sabotaged even their safety at stake, then I guess the sole responsibility in helping these teens must be upon the parents, could it be true then?

I have a 14 year old boy and all of my friends would always cautious me that this is time representing a watershed in my boy's life, one side he can turn out to be good, the other side the otherwise and I rather do what that I can and spend the time i possibly can with prayers to take him on the good side.

I'd talked to many of the students, (13 years old or so) the so called "Kuai Lan" mischievous ones, as I wait to while away my times to pick my Jovial up, I can only make one conclusion, seriously speaking................ they are just being themselves.

Being themselves as a teen, being themselves as being a little rebellious( we were there before,weren't we?) being themselves to be heard, respected but sadly most of this time of being themselves, they are not properly guided to be good.

Parents giving themselves excuses such like," where got time, we are busy making ends meet" "There is so much we can do, to be bad or good, fate lah"

I am not the perfect parent but I do know one thing.........actually these dangerous 13 years old really need our times, attention and guidance, simply because most of the times, they are confused too......and mollycoddling them with material stuff won't help them at all.

P/S : Give me a little bit, give me a little bit of your time to me..............


  1. It's tough being parents nowadays, with the overwhelming pressure to guide the child to be good. Peer pressure among kids nowadays is really high

  2. I think both parents and teachers have to work together to make it work.

    It's pity also that teachers being scared their cars being sabotage.

    My secondary school was very strict. B4 and after school there will be prefect on duty to jaga most area inclusive teacher's car park.

    The HM and Discipline teacher really went all out to do their duty. Both goes out of the school and catch those who ponteng school. They go to the kopitiam and students hang out nearby.

    Those who are caught will kena public caning.

    We were not allowed to bring more than rm10 a day to school. No handset. School have public phones.

    It sound like a prison but the system works. It had revived the school from one that is famous for gangsterimse to one that is famous for sports now. All thanks to Mr Phua Seng Tiong

  3. These days, some girls may be worse than the boys...and in contrast, boys these days seem to be such wimps. Maybe the result of over-pampering, over-protective mums/parents.

  4. It's hard to be parents. Being a parent is a learning process of a life time.

  5. so true. parents do need us..."TIME". many are taken away of their work..but really, a lot of money will make the child happy?

    I m sure u heard this story.

    Young boy: Papa, come play with me. Papa not free. Play with own toys

    When Papa grows old..
    Papa: son, come spend time with me. Sorry papa, no time.

    what goes around comes around.

  6. I start to worry our future generation now...wht can be worst thn both parents(nowadays) have little time for their kids!!!

  7. yeah, kids need attention. so, that explains their actions.
    but then again, proper upbringing could easily avoid these problems.

  8. At the end of the day, parents are still responsible..

  9. 养不教,父之过。教不严,师之惰。

  10. yes, this age is very vulnerable.. they are entering to an adolescent age.. so they thought they can make right decisions but it always end up not being so... this is the time to monitor them and to shower them with attention.. gosh, did i do that, i wonder!

  11. I forgot what happened to me when I was 13... But I think I knew a lot of things when I was in that age... knew a lot of unnecessary stuff :P Even though I don't have a father to guide me when I was growing up, I still turn out to be ok :) Probably because my grandparents were there for me. Whatever it is, I agree, parents need to give their children undivided attention most of the time.

  12. parents need to be there for their kids.

  13. Yes, parents must be there for their children. They cannot depend on teachers alone. If parents really have no time for their children, it is best they do not have children in the first place!

  14. i guess it's a two way thing, not entirely on the school and not entirely on the parents but BOTH.. and we must know to learn to be bad is always far easier to learn to be good.. we all have the responsibility to culture our next generation..

  15. oh ya.. hop over to my blog later to read about the parenting workshop that attended.. I find a few 'tips' there are quite useful..