Monday, November 08, 2010

I just can't help him

Remember i blogged about my friend Ah Weng's predicament about his problem of servicing his credit cards debt about RM140k, which is currently under the charge of Central Bank's Debt Management Department in short AKPK of which he had to pay RM1440 monthly.

He had defaulted his payment for 3 months consecutively and now he is facing the possibility of being sued bankrupt..............and AKPK has given him the ultimatum of paying about 4k plus to evade being sued......

He called my just now, he sounded very sad and he was saying this at the end of the other line," Ung,(he calls me that) please lah, please lah, lend me 3k, otherwise my family will be in hot soup, and i am dead end now."

I told him i could not make any decision yet simply because i have to consult with my lovely wife but he sounded very hastily again pleading with me. When i asked him, had he tried to ask assistance from his relatives, he said he managed to secure 1k from one of them only, they rest refused simply because he still owed them old debts.

He was still sounding very sad over the end of the other line and i really felt bad about his situation but then again i touched my heart i said to myself i'd helped him a few times already financially, thus this time i just can't do it for him.

Now, i can only pray that he could have other means of help

P/S : Man, i wish i had few millions to dispense..........................


  1. Poor guy... anyway, lend wisely bro.

  2. I don't know what to say bro. If in the end....he still can't find might have to help him...

  3. No, you can't help this guy. He needs to face the reality himself. Any amount you lend him will be gone for good.
    If he needs it for medical causes may be you can help. But if his debts are due to reckless spending habits, you cannot help and should not help him.

  4. Chris: i will do that, tq

    Tekkaus : i really wish i had extra lol

    Kuching guy : i agree with you, many years ago, when i told this friend to be careful with his spending, he told me never mind lah,, can kau tim, now, i am not running down a friend, but it is sad that a lot of us should not have let this happen

  5. I would help when financially able.
    Wish him well.

  6. He can't just go on digging one hole just to cover the previous hole. He need to face reality and starts paying off his debts and not to borrow more money. You have to be cruel to help him.

  7. The old proverb teaches, "Never a lender nor a borrower be." Everyone has their own priorities - you have yours...especially towards your family. They must come first. If you want to help your friend, you must be able to spare that amount...or you may not see it anymore.

    Like in my case, my friend was supposed to pay me back in a year before my daughter left for New Zealand but up till now, the money is still trickling in VERY slowly... Luckily, my daughter's on scholarship and I can still afford the other expenses or else I would be the one in hot soup as a result of helping a friend.

  8. satu situasi yang sangat sukat tu bro...kalau saya pun takda 3k...
    orang mcm tu kasian jugak tapi kalau dia dan pinjamsana sini belum tau la bila turn kita punya nak bayar...
    pray for him...God will open the way for him

  9. Sorry to hear about your friend's story =_=
    Well, money is a very sensitive issue, for men.
    So, all the best to you and your friend...

  10. OMG! That is a big amount!!!
    An example that it is not a good idea having credit card. My sister also have the same problem, she asked for my help a few times. I just don't understand because her salary is twice compare to me. No matter what, she is my sister so I have to help her...

    As for your friend, I don't know what to say...You already help him a few times and the condition is still the same. Berani buat berani tanggung kan...

  11. Gab : i am glad i helped once, twice.

    Jama : guess you are right

    Arthur : You are right too, niether a borrower nor a lender

    Norris : Semoga Tuhan yang maha esha dapat membuka ruang untuk kawan saya tu.

    Hayley : The problem is most of us dont learn our lessons well...

    Su : The problem again is not how much we earn it is how much we manage to control... they always say, save the 10% but how many of us can do that ,right?Thank for visiting my blog

  12. Oh dear... Your friend is indeed in such a predicament. Just hoping that there's a silver lining in his grey clouds. I hope you are well though. Have a good rest of the week! Xx

  13. Poor Ah Weng, but he has to pay the price himself. He'll never learn if helps keep pouring in easily. You are already helping him when you denied his request.

  14. even if u can lend him 3k... how long can it cover him for? :/

  15. Eugene bro: I'm bec. So will you help him? Poor him la... Anyway, if u really have that extra u help him. if is not then tell him frankly.

  16. You definately can't help him anymore.

    He's in deep shit, let him cover his own shit.

  17. Wah, how did he accumulate debt so high?

  18. MOney will always tear friendship apart. How good a friendship can be, once we start lending money , all the trouble will come.. based on my past experiences.. :(

  19. There is so much one can do,, may be he will have to find his own way and hopefully God will open up other avenues for Ah Weng my friend.

  20. I don’t know what I will do if I am Ah Weng.
    I hope he will ok soon. Wish he can win the lottery.

  21. tell him to jump from the highest bridge??...* sigh * - also not fair to his family. ok,i'll lend him the 140k,but with what will he pay me back? sell his backside? it'll take years and years of instalment. my mum ever advices me & my brothers to spend wisely and not borrow anyhow and also told us ,we sell our arseholes also can't repay the debts - really.i guess,still theres a way out for your friend and the "way out" is time.

  22. Voon : i have been friend with Ah Weng for about 11 years now, i have seen his up and now down,but sadly when he was up, he just could not believe he would go down.

    h Ngao : Moms always give good advice, don't they

  23. "I said to myself i'd helped him a few times already financially, thus this time i just can't do it for him."

    (Psalm 37:21) The wicked borrows but DOES NOT PAY BACK, but the righteous is generous and gives;

    Don't be a sucker for somebody who made blunders with their finances, bro. Let him learn from his mistakes. If people keeps on bailing him out (by lending him), he will no learn anything. Just look at America, Malaysia & Greece. Huge bail-outs! Does it help?