Tuesday, November 09, 2010

No excuses please...................

On Saturday, me and my lovely wife went to the Botanical Gardens for a run, for me it was a must because i needed to train for the impending Penang Bridge International Marathon this 21st of November.

I ran for about 10 kilometres, then on Sunday, after church, i told my lovely wife that i needed to taper for a day or two, tired ma but she sounded eager to run again, no choice we headed to the same venue again, it was tough on Sunday but i really wanted challenge myself to go a little further than what i did the day before.

So, on Sunday i managed to run for 15 kilometres and i felt so good, i knew i was not well prepared for the Marathon yet but i must really train hard for it and for that i must do.

You know, a lot of us know for the fact that exercise is good if not compulsory to maintain our health and to boost of our entire well being, but how many of us really make it a point just to do that, hit the road, head to the gym, dip into the pool, climb that hill,dribble that ball, pump that iron or even skip that rope.

I remember many years ago, after the birth of Marvell, my lovely wife was in the worst of her health and i encouraged to join me for the run, she was so reluctant in the beginning but when she really gave it a try and she was hooked on running.

She makes no excuses of not having enough time, if she had to, she would wake up as early as 5.30 to go for a run,( inside our apartment compound) and a few months after joining me for run, her overall health got so much better.

You know i have heard, seen and read how people took control of their health by hitting the road, just to jog and eventually run... ailments gone, extra fat reduced , more self contentment,more postive and exude those nice feelings.

Note : do you still make excuses for not exercising?

P/S : Hit the road Jack,you will regret no more no more, hit the road Jane, you will cut that waist line some more some more.............................


  1. Haha :D I gave myself tonnes of excuses...but I am really too tired. You see I am still awake right now... :/

  2. lol
    yes got lot of excuses
    good luck

  3. But sometimes, we need to slow down... Keep exercising but do not overdo it! Work within your limit - you're no spring chicken anymore. Marathon? Eyewwwwww!!!!

  4. IM GUILTY!! Never run.. never take brisk walk for the past two weeks!! sigh...

  5. Keep it up bro! Don't think I like to run marathon now, it's too long and tough! Haha. I prefers badminton , can socialize and good workout!!

  6. can i ask how you build stamina for running, my lag aching after a mere 100mtr. i can walk for miles but 100 mtr run is HELL. i just wondering how you guys do it.

  7. Good job! Keep running ya, jogging is a good exercise!
    I like jogging as well, its free of charge and simply easy! LOL :D

  8. Tekkaus : well bro, i know cos you blog a lot, that's why you can make good money from blogging,,

    SM : understood

    Arthur : don't worry won't overdo it, yes i ain't no spring chicken anymore,

    Claire : go get the groove

    Chris : badminton not for me lol,, i like Tennis,,,,,

    Lily :well, you can do it as well, it takes a lot of determination,when i started to run, 10 minute, than i challenged myself for 20 then 30 min, then 45 min, then.......

    Hayley : to me, running is my stress buster,

  9. Exercise does great to our body. I do yoga twice a week and yet it's not enough. Should have try to get into more sessions.

  10. I live to stay active. I am doing varieties of exercises, like swimming, line dancing, yogo and aerobics, all four, each every week. I try to make input = output.

  11. its been a while, im not visiting this blog...wow so now I have to start exercising, like you say..no excuses pleaseee hehehe...

  12. i need extra exercise...huhuhuuhhu...

  13. 15km at one shot is definitely a WOW for me! Regardless for the sake of Marathon or your own well being, it's indeed a great work out for you and your darling wifey!;)

    Keep it up and stay healthy!

  14. I can't run like Forest, but I'm a sucker for aerobics every Thursday.

    It seems difficult at first, but if I don't do aerobics, I feel like I'm missing something.

    It's a good sweat for me.

  15. Yvonne and Yan : yup do they aerobic, feel that beat and always shall be fit

    Ivy : welcome back, may be you were busy that's why we could not make time to be here, now that you are coming again, i appreciate it

    Angel : need extra exercise? so what are you waiting for ?

    Alice :Thank you by the way, i am not going for full marathon this time around,, may be next week,,,,

    Jessie : Happy that you are game for aerobics.. good

    Cathy : try lah..