Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little gesture....

Before i forget i have to blog about this little gesture of my wonderful 13 year old Jovial, a little gesture he showered upon gave me such a wondeful feeling.

Picked him up from school, headed for lunch straight away, knew he was tire, knew he wanted to eat our favourite Yong Tau Foo, so there we were greeted by the ladies manning the store.

Got ourselves seated, food served and as we were eating away, my Jovial scooped the food stuff from the soup bowl and placed in on my plate and said this," Papa this is for you" i said thank you and felt so happy about this little gesture of him.

I reciprocated with the same gesture to him and i loved to hear this from him, " Thank You ,papa" back and forth we did this a few times and i really felt happy.

P/S : A Little gesture goes a long way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. Awww...when is it going to be my turn? :p

  2. wahhh.. i jeles liow.. my girl also never kap for me.. go back must tell her to.. :)

  3. Kekekekek, you all jelos of me already lol,,, hahahah

    sorry for getting you guys in that state..

    just kidding

  4. Oh! This is really sweet. When my girls say "Thank You", I mustn't forget to say "You're welcome.", otherwise they will remind me.

  5. tThat's wonderful, eugene, and your kids do have such good upbringing.

  6. Little things mean a lot! I told you, you've got such wonderful boys...and en equally wonderful wife. Cherish them, give thanks.

  7. I read with a little tears in my eyes....so touching even though it's just a siple gesture.