Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is she right?

I am always at my usual coffee shop, chatting with my usual breadfast buddies and chasing my insatiable cups of coffe "O", sometimes intermittingly,unintentionaliy eavesdropping to funny conversations coming from other patrons in this coffee shop.

Was there this morning, there came two ladies,(probably in their mid forties), seated across my table, usually I would take notice of so called new patrons to this coffee shop at a glance for most of the mornings, it would only be the regulars.

Suddenly, one of them started to talk a little loudly in Hokkien, cursing a little here and there and the subject of her wrath was the husband, it was quiet audible in what she was saying. She was complaining to her friend why she resorted to stealing money from her husband's wallet in the wee hour of the morning.

Relentlessly, she said how the husband did not bring money home, yet he could go out and drink everynight, how he didn't even bother to know if the utilities bills were paid or not except that he would religiously make sure the internet bill was always promptly paid for his football betting habit.

She seemed so oblivious to the surrounding, may be she was really frustrated and wanting to vend it out there and then. She was telling her friend again, she would periodically steal money from her husband if he didn't bother to bring money home, period.

Now i am thinking what would i do if i were to be that "damsel in distress" and just thinking did she have this problem long ago, if yes why is she tolerating it.....

And sometimes i am thinking, as married couple do we really talk about MONEY with our spouse openly and sincerely?

P/S : The oxymoron of stealing rightfully.......?


  1. Well, just ask from him straight away! Stealing is no good eh!

  2. Hey, your eyes and ears are very sharp.. as for me, i cannot see clearly without specs or hear clearly if dont talk louder.. hahaha..

  3. I think she might have asked upteem times, all to no avail, so she stole.

  4. Hahaha, agree with Claire! I really salute Eugene for his 'Superman ability' or the 十兄弟 combined talents.

    Normally stealing is always a person last resort.

  5. Hey ladies, that's why i can have so many subjects to talk about hahahahah, even in the morning encounters alone,,,,,,

    Angeline : I don't know lah, hope to see her again, make friend with her then ,,,,,,

    Claire : one day you come here, i will show you my coffe shop, you will be surprised i am like a tai koh here .hahahahahah

    Sheoh Yan : i think you are darn right about this,, upteem times,,,

    Yvonne: Me just kepoh nia, but seriously sometimes i don't feel for the ladies,,

  6. is their family affairs and we never know the real version of the I can't tell. :/

  7. stealing is still stealing. it's wrong. if the man doesn't give money, ask him! let him know that's his duty. if he finds out the wife has been stealing from him, even worse.

  8. Sigh... it's pathetic indeed for the woman to steal her husband money, but when I stand in her shoes...I pity her, she sounds helpless and stressed up, specially with her husband and wife relationship!

    Have a nice day!

  9. Hey, first time drop by.
    That's very interesting topic you mentioned here. I feel pity for that woman for having such husband would rather spend $$$ on betting than giving household expenses.

  10. Sounds very pathetic..
    But no one knows the real thing, except for her husband and herself.. May be there's something else she dint mention?
    Anyway, I think its important to discuss about money within the couple themselves if really need to..

  11. Tekkaus : agree but hearing from her,she sounded desperate and that's bad.

    Irene : what can i say, may be last resort lol

    Alice : it is sure bad,

    Shenney's mommy : thank for dropping by, nice to hear that you love this post

    Hayley : Discuss about money? i really wonder how many married couples can do that

  12. hmm.....until stealing from own hubby. That's bad.

  13. Guess men ears are sharper than women'.. My hubby too, has this eavesdropping skill. On many occasions after leaving some public places, he would start to comment on what he had heard and I was like "huh, what?" Hahaha..

  14. oh dear, stealing in NO way can be good! no matter what!

  15. I'm pretty sure if given a choice she wouldn't want to steal money from his wallet loh. I'm pretty sure she's in a difficult situation whereby if she does this got bad consequence, does that also got another bad consequence, that's why have to resort to this way.

  16. I give my missus money every month as sometimes she does the marketing or buys things for the house. I pay ALL the bills...including ASTRO which I never watch - she gets to enjoy all the Chinese/Japanese/Korean series till late very night... I'm sure she can;t that lady you overheard.

  17. Hey there!

    Hmm, seems like it's not just another day at a coffee shop, this time you witnessed and heard something and wrote about it, serving an inspiration, huh? Haha. :)

    I guess it's okay that she be stealing money from him if he's not giving her money. I mean, someone's gotta take care of the household.

    I really don't like talking about money cos sometimes it gets ugly but yeah, couples should talk to each other about money.

  18. it's best if we ladies money is my money :)

  19. sometimes you just dont want to rock the boat to hard, am sure he knows she steals but if its better and easier then they shouting with each other, then lets play pretending lor. both stupid and smart at the same time.

  20. Thanks guys for the comments..