Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes i find hard to............

Ok, i am a Chrisitian ( the type akin to the lost and found ) and don't worry i am not preaching here, it is more of sharing from a type of Christian that i am..........

This morning i woke as usual, after seeing my lovely wife out sending my two boys to school, it was 6.30 am then i began to spend sometimes praying and as i began to pray, i was asking the Lord to change the person i was and to become the person HE wants me to be, then as i was continue praying, i realized that i was asking the LORD the same things over and over agian.

Sometimes i find it so hard to pray for i am still stuck with the same old habits that i thought that i'd overcome, one side of me saying i was willing, the other side of me was saying it was ok may be for this time, may be for the last time and i am still stuck with the bad traits.

Guess we have all once or many times felt that we were not worthy, we were no good, therefore we rather cocoon ourselves in our old selves,lest losing the frustration of change. We rest in the camouflage that we are all right but deep inside we struggle to change, just like the last stick of cigarrette we say we want to put away, the last bottle of beer that we would selve away, the lust of the eyes and the evil from our mouth that we say" kick it" but then............

I know the Lord doesn't want me to play the cameo but HE has got greater thing awaiting me but then ..............................

P/S : Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me"
Lord thank you that i am no longer a wretch


  1. I personally find it's hard to chance ourself for the sake of our own... but it's definitely easier to chance for the good sake of our love one!

    p/s:I have chanced a lot for my beloved kids and husband!!;)

    Cheer up and have a great day!

  2. we cannot be perfect Eugene.. but at the same time, we have our conscience and help from Above..

  3. Let God continue to mold you and refine you in the person He wants you to be.

    It just can't happen overnight, bro.

    "We are not perfect because we are still sinners."

  4. God has a purpose for each and everyone of us. And at the same time, God wants us to learn a lot of things on our own. :D

  5. Bad habit is those undesirable habit that we knew it's bad and need to brake. But we keep dragging and reluctant to brake it. Dun be sad of this, try your best loh.

  6. God loves sinners...and will forgive 7 X 77 times, meaning no matter how many times we fall, He will be there to catch us and help us on our feet again. Have faith, have hope...and above all, have love in your heart!

  7. you achieved the HIS biggest challenge, knowing you weakness and doing something about it. half the battle gone... now work hard on the other half, not to worry, he will wait for you patiently

  8. Oh, don't be worry, everyone is not perfect. I have too, in my prayers end up asking God the same thing over and over again, simply becos I still can;t find the will to change something of myself.