Thursday, July 08, 2010

It is more than physical............................

I know how uncomfortable it is for her, i know the frustration, i sense the helplessness, i feel the pain but i just dont know deep inside her, the emotional part of hers, i just dont get it but i am trying to hold my own frustration to understand her feeling emotionally.

She is frustrated for she can't drive untill now, she can't indulge in her favorite sports like tennis, swimming and running and she is like under house arrest if i am out working. Her malaise suddenly made me felt guilty of me causing her the injury, it was like the devil was telling me, how bad a husband i was that caused her all the frustration.

It is easy to satisfy the physical needs of our loved ones, a sincere hug, some edifying words and etc but when it comes to filling the emotional void that someone dear to us is experiencing, it really takes more than 10 rocket scientists to come out with the solutions.

I have to watch my own emotion closely, for any of my negative emotion such as my own frustration would aggravate her emotionally, i have to keep reminding myself as of now i am less important for her needs are more crucial than mine.

When i saw the tears brewing in her eyes last night, i knew that i really had to stabilize her emotionally, keep the depression at bay (no matter how insignificant it may appear now). You might think i am exaggerating as if my lovely wife's injury is so life threathening but for her it is really taking a toll on her emotionally.

I thank God for this so called difficult time for during this period it is the time that i have to perform all the goods a husband should be, it is the time when i show her how much i love her through health and pain but at the same time i still have to pray for the strength to shoulder on.

P/S : To love somebody is to really love somebody


  1. no wonder u cannot sleep soundly, bro.. all these worries are getting into u.. but time will heal.. her hand will be alright in no time. she can resume her normal duties, just a bit more time.. maybe hasten her recovery but eating more Vit C, fruits, vegetables.. and "tongshan" fish? they might speed up the healing..most of all, cast your cares upon our Lord.. God Bless!

  2. Place all your worries to Him...Im sure your wife will be ok pray with her..God Bless

  3. When someone is injured, the mood will be down. Just give her the support she needs and I know you are an understanding husband. Hope your wife will be strong. Take care.

  4. hopefully ur wife recover cepat2..janji cukup rehat and tons of love around her.. :)

  5. sobs.. u're such nice and understand husband to ur lovely wife u noe. really wish ur wife can recover as soon as possible yea. :)

  6. I am really sorry for not having enough time to visit you guys' blog.

    will do so whenever i can, promise

  7. Hmm... motivate her, cheer her up with your jokes, remind her it's just temporary. And be thankful that your son is safe from the incident. It could be worse than this. take care.

  8. Just be there for her, allow her to express her emotions =) I pray for the best for both of you and may this experience became the event that tied the knot even stronger.

  9. I broke my a plaster cast for two months and it did not heal...and had to go for surgery... That was a terrible time...and very frustrating and it made me very ill-tempered as I could not do a lot of things. Be understanding, give her the support she needs...hope she'll be back to her old self soon.

    P.S. My arm was stuck in one position when it was all over...and blue in colour like a corpse's. Physiotherapy did not help. I went to a Chinese sinseh...and in no time at all, it was as good as new...almost!

  10. In a way I guess I know how your wife is feeling. She must be so used to doing everything that cannot do the time she feels very frustrated.

    It's not easy for you to 'fill' the 'void' but you seem to be doing a good job as her hubby. Just be patient with her I guess.

  11. STP is scaring me with his zombie's arms! Eugene, maybe it's easier said than done but you have to be at ur most patience dealing with her at this moment. U know how frustrating it can be if u were in her position rite? Let her cry it out, offer her ur shirt to dry it off. Be there for her, hug her more. Cut down on the Friday nite out and spend time with her instead.. anyways, ur friday nite out has always been with her oso rite? :P ur love will conquer all.. no worries. U take care dude. hugs.

  12. just give her sometime,and all will be well.take it easy,brthr..

  13. Any sickness or injury esp. to a wife, only the sincerity from the husband's u/standing & love will help to speed up recovery & vice versa. Just believe it.
    For the time being, pray over all things and try to be more careful in future. Sometimes, a slip in sthg can cause a great danger to life.
    Get Amway Protein to help her wounds heal up more speedily and nicely.
    It's definitely very painful, just cannot blame ur Mrs over being so emotional. I m very sure, no man can tahan that. Some men even a slight cut, kept showing that cut to everyone how painful it is, what more to say as ur wife's case.
    Do you believe certain men even bitten by a RED ANT also cannot stand!

  14. wish her can recover ASAP.

    time passing very fast... just be patient ok. take care.

  15. pray for ur wife to recover quickly! :)

  16. at least you were there for her when she needs a shoulder to cry on. For somebody who is active and suddenly grounded like this, it's horrible.

    Moreover having to depend on another person to do nearly everything. Frustration.

    You have to sabar. Be there for her when she need.

    When sick or injured, it's very frustrating hearing words like "sure will be okay. Dont worry". Sometimes just being there is enough of a comfort instead of words. And actions speaks louder than words.

  17. you're doing good, just continue to be patient and be there for her to support in every way u can, she will appreciate it...

    it is really frustrating and depressing to be under 'house arrest' and not be able to do anything, i felt just like that after giving birth and was in confinement... thank God for my husband, he did the best he could... really appreciate him =)
    and i'm sure your wife will appreciate you too...