Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday's gay....................

Ok, Friday's here and i want to be happy, put those things that shackled me emontionally, mentally and physically aside and just be happy because i cannot let my Friday down, it is important to me, it is the prelude to my weekend, so let's hit the high note on friday, so shall we do this.

1) What is the one hobby that you've always wanted to get back to or to rekindle?
For me, it is to get back playing my guitar again

2)If there is just one thing that you can do but find it hard to do that would enhance your health, what would be it?
For me, is try to worry less and always keep my mood in check.

3)If you had a thousand dollar to spend freely during this weekend only for yourself, how would you spend it? (no family allowed, no boy friend or girl friend allowed)
For me, i will check into Rasa Sayang Hotel,(about 700 ringgit, and an hour of full body massage about RM280)

4)If you could meet just one person during the weekend that you have always longed to meet, who would be it,(someone that you once knew)?
For me, Tanny Ooi is her name, she swept me off my feet like whirlwind and desserted me as fast as hurricane..........sigh

Thank you and wishing you guys a wonderful weekend, take care now and God bless.

P/S : Knowing me Knowing you..................


  1. Happy weekend to you too. Its good to spend your weekend with something you love to do. As for me, this weekend will be tiring weekend as I need to sit in an aircond room from 9am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday for my MBM class..sigh!!... by the way, GBU and family.

  2. 1. drawing & painting
    2. keep my cool & start exercising already!
    3. facial, full body massage & spa, manicure & pedicure, a good movie, & shopping with the rest of the money.
    4. my grandmother who brought me up in my early years... I haven't seen her for so long! *bad granddaughter :-(*

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy weekend to u yea. :) eh u play guitar? so nicee. :)

  4. 1)Regretted for dropping piano classes till Grade 1.

    2)Eating more vegetables.

    3)I will booked myself in Genting, First World (no gambling allowed, watch their theatre or magical shows, eat at their restaurants and enjoy at their theme part.

    4)My high school best friend, Sheila.

    Have a nice weekend, bro.

  5. My answers:
    1. Playing volleyball with friends...

    2. Similar to you, I would want to stop thinking/worrying too much!

    3. Nothing but shop til I drop! and indulge in a relaxing spa..

    4. Hmm, this is a tough one, I have no one in particular whom I want to meet :P

    Have a great weekend Eugene!

  6. 1) hobby? no special hobby...i always follow what people want me to do...
    2) cook good food for my family...i know i m not good in that, but i'll try
    3) bring my son for shopping, buy whatever he want, check-in resort hotel, heaving good food..just away from home for at least 2 days
    4) my sister, the only sister in Tawau...

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. I love tuition class...and I enjoy spending the weekends...doing nothing!!! Rest and relax! LOL!!!

  8. Happy weekends to you!!

    1) no answer. Can't think of any hobby.
    2) eat more fruits. Have not been taking fruits regularly.
    3) Shopping!!!! facial ! Spa !
    4) my ex-landlord. He is such an awesome guy. A dad-to be soon.

  9. i go to the horse racing(off-course racing) at the kopitiam with big LCD !

  10. time for you to strum your guitar ans serenade wifey lor :D

  11. Happy Weekend to you too!

    i like weekend... i can rest and spend more of valuable time with family;

  12. 1. I want to go singing K. Sing all my heart out.

    2. Trying hard not to lose my temper, as I have bad temper.

    3. Shopping, shopping and shopping for all designer and branded stuff that I never indulge in before.

    4. No one at the moment. I had already met the person that I long to meet last year. I secretly admired my ex-uni-mate, but he has lost his charmness when I saw him last year.

    This post is cute. May be i should put it in my blog too.