Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blogging and the unseen friendship.......

Cant really do anything,cant go for my run,simply because it is raining like dog and cat (anyway,how did they coin the word "dog and cat?" and worse of all, it is Sunday. So here i am fiddling with my computer and as i was vegetating in front of it,nothing came to my mind as what i should blog about in this kind of gloomy and unexciting evening.

As it has become habitual for us bloggers to look up to our own blog and to see if there is anyone leaving comments and any surprises from our blog, i am sure all of us do that,dont we? So as i was scrolling up and down, i saw a new comment left by a cyber friend of whom i have never met and yet with whom i so gladly calling him my friend , the comment he left in this post you've got a friend is something i would call as warm and non patronizing,something straight from the heart,something endearing. I am truly touched by my friend's gesture in just visiting my blog with no other intentions at all but just to read me here and sending his regards to me and my family,that's suffice to a great cyber friendship.

And in return, i go to their blogs and read them there as well and if i sense that my bloggers friends are into any miscomfort or under any kind of pressure be if from their works,family, relationship or others, the least i can do for my cyber friends is simply offering them kind and edifying words in anticipation of cheering them up, i dont have to give them advice(i am not qualified to) but a few simple words of encouragement and letting them know that someone out there cares,that to me is heart warming.

If you have been blogging for quite a while now, and if you cant feel like what i feel as i elaborated above, just try to reach out further, and seriously you will be pleasantly surprised when something or some comments you have left in someone else's blog could have cheered someone up may be in their most difficult situation, i personally felt that before.

Friendship comes in many forms,realms and spheres but one thing transcends it all,is our sincerity in keeping that frienship.

It is already six in the evening now, and i guess the rain will continue to pour and the rest of the evening shall remain monotonous, and until the dusk sets in and the evening giving way to the night, i am glad that i have got this thing called BLOGGING to keep me occupied.

P/S : If i call you my friend today, will you call me your friend tomorrow ?


  1. ahh, agree with u uncle..

    blogging really build my social networks, I do know lots of friends..and learnt more about people...

    if cz uncle, I'll called u a friend forever and always.=)

  2. I have been blogging for over a year now and I have made so many blogger-friends...and I've managed to get to meet quite a number of them. Hope to meet more in time to come...and who knows, our paths may cross someday!

  3. frens are very subjective..there are categories ... how close, how casual, it all depends on who they are... as long as we do not expect a lot from them, we will not feel disappointed..
    really true frens are hard to come by..when they do, do not let them go..

  4. To me..whoever called me a friend..I'll be their friend.

    Who doesnt..I still said they are my friend..blogging is good coz we know..friends is everywhere..