Saturday, March 14, 2009

I love the night life,especially the Friday's

As you all have already known the political landscape of our beloved motherland Malaysia has changed in way that we never thought possible,Barisan National the ruling party lost the 2/3 majority,and it was further aggravated with the loss of another five states' administration and our once liked and now not so like PM Abdullah conceded the defeat and with that came the enormous pressure that has resulted in his premature departure as PM before his full term, it has truly been a watershed in our Malaysia political history.

Oops before i forget, why am i getting so serious today, it is not supposed to be like this, and it must not be like that, seriousness should not co-exist with me today because today's FRIDAY, it is chill out, hang loose, hair down for me and for everyone else.

So i hope as usual today i will bring you a quiz, i hope in a way could cheer you up. Please feel free to leave your answers to the quiz as crazy as you can think of, and hopefully with that gesture,you will make somebody else laugh a little bit more.

Please take note,this aint a tag because personally i dont like tags, so here goes.

1)If Najib and Abdullah were to fight it out in the boxing ring, and Anwar being the referee, who do you think will emerge as the champ and who will get the black eye?

2)In all your creativity, what funny words can you come out with from the acroynm of C4?

3)If you need to kill someone off politically, what scandals can you conjure besides sex tapes, nude pictures and corruption ?

4)If "Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka" was the shout of independance in 1957, what 3 uniformed words can we shout now in 2009 "---,---,--- " fill in the blank,please ?

5)Why do you think our politicians love to use this phrase "No Comment" ?

6)If i publicly declare that i am promiscuous, casanova and am a playboy, do you think i have a place in Malaysia's political arena or will you vote me into the office?

7)If Malaysia's politicians must be given a cartoon character's name, what do you think best suits Samee Veelu, Kor Chu Koon , Choy Shoy Lek and K,Toyol ?

8)If Spiderman were to fight a villian (in term of a political figure) in Malaysia, who do you that villian would be?

9)Who makes more money in Malaysia, a prominent brain surgeon or ruling party's politician?

10)Name one movie that has the strongest resemblance that can best describe our political stituation ?

P/S : Malaysia is a block buster movie, but sometimes the politicians make it a laughing stock, but still i truly love this country.


  1. wah ... eugene.. i don know how to answer all these la.. i passsss on.. have a nice sweet friday... tot of going to massage my head and my feet.. haha.. release stress..

  2. Ouch! dat's hurtful Eugene! U know wat I mean...
    funny eeehh...

  3. lol... u must be drunk when u wrote this... anyway, as usual, I'll answer it in my blog later when i get home.

  4. Hi Bro, sorry long time did not blog already. Got a little bit caught up with work. How's the weather in Penang. Here in KL rain all the time, traffic jam real terrible lorr!

  5. Politics and tags aside, have a great weekend Eugene and go ahead and have one beer at least :)

  6. Thx for dropping bymy blog.
    Have a good weekend ahead......

  7. tags are for kids....

    i belive boxing between Rosmah & Jeanna will be better show because of hair pulling!

  8. hi Eugene, thanks for dropping by my blog,
    my answer to Q1~Q10. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! :)

  9. guys,please check out Cleff's anwers to the quiz,she has got funny and witty brainy,,, check her out

    thank you