Friday, March 13, 2009

You've got a friend

Remember there's this song from Cat Steven who eventually changed his name to Yussuf Islam ? there is just one song that so synonymous with him as far as i am concerned is this song "You've got a friend" and one part of the song that i really like is this "winter,spring,summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and you know i'll be right there for you, you've got a friend"

I am blessed because i have friends who care, and now i am even blessed because i have some cyber friends (i shall call them bloggie as of buddy) who care too. As i was chatting briefly online with one bloggie who has been so helpful and patient to share her knowledge with me as far as making some money from blogging is concerned, she even went to the extent teaching me on how to register in certain websites, and she was like practically teaching me from A to Z, and she would ever so willing to share with me if she has found new ways of making money on line, and i am thankful for her effort.(name withheld, dont want her to be hassled.)

The reason i love blogging so much is that it gives me the sense of worthiness,knowing that there are in fact friends out there that can be found and cherished.

I hope one day when i lay down motionless, and when my time is up on this earth, there is only one thing i would like to see in the eulogy for me from my friends is simply this "There Lies a Good Friend of Mine"

P/S: Have you ever tried, really reaching out for the other guy ?


  1. I agree with you. Friends make us worthy right?

  2. "When u're down and troubled.. and u need some loving care.. and nothing.. nothing is going right.. close your eyes and think of me, and soon i will be there.. to take away even the darkest night..."
    (hey..I believe this song is more or less about God too..)
    the songs of the 70s.. i love them very much.. (perhaps we r of the same age group?..ouch.. so young, man....haha...)
    psstt..understood-ed *wink*

  3. i use to love this song until he change his name to yusuf islam!

    ungrateful son!

  4. When I started blogging, I just want to share my stories. However I'm getting more than that, which is friendship from other bloggers. Thanks to be my friend, eugene. :)

  5. bro, thanks for accepting me as your friend


  6. hello bro! came over today to browse on your posts. i'm still in the middle of a whole lot of things. just taking some time off to free my mind from all the hassles. and this post reminds me alot of the great friends that i have found in my life, cyber included. your one of them bro. my regards to your 2 boys and to mrs eugene. please continue saying a prayer for me and my kids. thanks! ciao! hope to be back soon. i cannot still bring myself to write lah! ciao!

  7. Not sure if Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam sang this song but it was a hit for James Taylor, even though Carole King wrote it and she recorded it in her Tapestry album which was a huge success too. Yes, what is life...without friends? I am thankful that I am blessed with many, and through blogging, the number keeps increasing...