Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ladies, give yourself a break...

I heard somebody calling me "Eugene, Eugene" as i looked over my shoulder briefly, couldn't recognize anyone, so i walked on. Out of nowhere came a lady who gave me a pat on my shoulder and said " hey i am Christine, you cannot recognize me or what ?" meekly i told her indeed i could not recognize her. Why ? Simply because she has "blown out of proportion" in term of physical appearance, and she is not the Christine that i knew during our working days again in term of physical appearance. I asked her if she wanted to join me for lunch, and she agreed. Over the lunch and as usual we talked about those days when we were collegues, and asking about the other collegues' current condition as well, but there was just one thing that i really wanted to get off my chest during our lunch. "Christine, how the heck did you gain all those weight, or how did you turn from Quarter Pounder to Big Mac ( I love this analogy because we were once working in McD)?

And finally i did manage to ask "Christine, how did you turn from Quarter Pounder to Big Mac?" She responded with a smile saying that she had no time for herself,lest exercise. Almost all of her time is spent for the children and the household, and she explained in details what she would do day in and day out. I totally agree with her that indeed she is one such busy woman. When i told her to allot sometime just for herself or to indulge in some forms of exercise like going to the gym or aerobic classes, the same answer she gave, and probably she enjoys what she is doing.

I remember many years ago, exercise was a no no for my wife, everytime when i went for my run especially during the weekend, she would just glue herself to the idiot box, after months of persuasion, she finally started to run and it has become a part of her now, she feels more energetic, healthy and most all of all, she feels good about herself now.

So ladies, give yourself a break, you really deserve it or rather your body really needs it. Keep that body of yours pumping and soon enough, you will feel so good about yourself, and your perceptive towards yourself will change, that in return will give you a sense of worthiness. I have read so many stories about how exercise could change a WOMAN, to heal her from ailments, to shed those unwanted fat and to get her feel so good about herself again.

If you look yourself at the mirror now, and you are whinning and complaining at how you look, and you start pinching on that tummy fat that almost dislodges from your torso, and you know it is time for you to start doing some exercises already.

P/S: Your body is beautiful, so let it shine


  1. awwwww..dont remind me of exercising Eugene... each day i go back, i wanna sleep only.. mind so tired ... i hope u wont give me that analogy..BIG MAC pulak.. aiks..

  2. i've been gaining weight drastically too, haih..not motivated to fact i'm sticking to my baggy clothes now..haih..

  3. hmm... well i think i do not need it..i am really slim..=)

  4. yeap..agreed with Eugene. Ladies should exercise to looks good. haha..anyway, i guess more and more ladies been takign up exercising lately.

  5. I wish I could just lose weight without trying! :/

    But till that fantasty comes alive, I'll have to keep going yoga. :(

  6. I walked a lot...
    But it seems it does not work on me...

  7. Aww.... i miss those days where me n hubby went to gym during pak toh time and also the time after married but b4 we have any kids. I guess have to wait for the kids to grow up a bit, before the whole family can go exercise together. :p

  8. taiko,
    bg lah tips..

    how to exercise the easy way but effective..hehe

    dulu activelah nowdays susah lah

  9. My name is Nina Bagnall and this is the title of my new book.

    Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and Over.

    Ladies, when we reach our fifties we need to be more self aware.
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    It might have something to do with how our bodies start to change and it gets to be more of a chore to keep that stomach flat, hips thin and bottoms pert. Does this sound familiar? “I don’t care anymore, I just want to eat and drink what I want and not worry about my figure.”
    Our bodies are a miracle, of which we should all be very proud. It’s not just for the young to be thinking of their hair, figure, and what they eat.
    This practise should be carried through no matter what age we have reached.
    Never should looking after your self be an “afterthought,” as it often comes to be later in life.
    Its time, ladies, to bring this afterthought to the forefront of your life and to prioritize your day by setting aside time in the morning and evening for the body, mind and soul.
    I believe in moderation. The body has to have balance; otherwise it becomes out of sync.
    Do you feel lethargic? Depressed? Overweight? Bloated? Have low self esteem? Suffer from sleep loss? Want that figure back you thought had gone forever?
    Stop lamenting and take control over the next chapter of your life particularly when you reach 50.
    To do this you must exercise at least 60 minutes a day. Eat three healthy meals. Never, miss breakfast; this is the first and most important meal of the day. Let’s face it; the body has gone without nourishment for the duration of your sleeping hours.
    Make sure you eat the correct type of foods that give you the vitamins and minerals necessary for your body to function. Calcium is as important now as it has been throughout you life. Now more than ever could you find yourself susceptible to osteoporosis?
    Drink lots of water during the day to stop dehydration.
    Clear the house of crisps, chocolates and other horrid foods. Eventually you will train your brain to only crave the good foods.

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    Buy the book let it act as your reference bible. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

  10. An hour of aerobic dance twice a week and the housework are more than enough to get rid of those Anyway, now I think I'm too thin ald...need to put on

  11. awwwww mannnn... exercise... *big sigh*

    i feel exactly what claire said... so tired, just wanna sleep oni. =P

    I think I used to be Double Cheeseburger, now become Quarter Pounder di... dunno if once give birth di will become Big Mac or not? *sweat*

  12. =.= I'm too skinny oredi.... if I need to look good, that is I need to spend time gobble down some Big Mac.... you imagine this, 25 years old, married and all, I am just 36kg!!!! *snarl* I look damn anorexic though I eat alot... there must be something wrong, wrongggg!!!! I wun run to shed my weight.... I need some fattening up. LOL...hmmm... pampering myself in the spa or getting some new haircut might be a great idea!

    Anyway, ladies, if you want a fun way to exercise, learn some hula dance... lol... can go seduce your husband also while performing it. These days I'm also into hula. (I guess i watched too much Lilo&stitch)

  13. hi new to your space......this is true of so many woman and I think eating leftovers is our biggest trying to lose weight knees have started talking to me so i really had to pay attention.

  14. Eugene dear...i was just wondering what was on your chest when we met after 20 years ?:) don't tell me that was Chris from McD ?:)
    ladies, yoga is the best to keep fit..for me it's just 10min's before bed time..

  15. Exercise is also good for thinking. Try exercising and trust me, one will be able to think better. ^^

    Try it... no regrets.. Most people will always give the excuse that they dont have timelah, busylah.. That's just lame because they are lazy to exercise. That's a fact! ^^