Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank God for The Bad Times

The picture as illustrated below is sure no camping site,where one can hear boisterous children running around, all going about merry making and there is sure no bonfire of joy in sight, and it is neither the cimema prop for the Oscar winning "Slumdog Milllionaire"In fact this is a picture taken from the California's capital city of Sacremento's "Tent City" where the homeless come here to set up tents and seeking refuge. The recent global economy turmoil has escalated the rate of umployment in the US, and many have lost their homes as the result of the plummeting economy.

At last our Malaysian government has admitted that indeed this economy set back is so serious with our FDI (foreign direct investment) dropped by close to half, and the export is experiencing the similiar quantum. At least they admitted not like previous months, where we were told that Malaysia would be ok.

As far as my business in concerned, i am encountering the same problem of dropping sales but i am determined not to let this dampen my spirit and i need to work extra hard to weather this stormy period and i hope i shall come out if stronger.

P/S: We cant see the bad in good times, and thank God for bad times


  1. Adversity is the mother of progress...or something like that!

  2. I agree with your last sentence Uncle. It's just like a trend in Malaysia...people only will unite when something happened. so sad with that kind of thing..-_-"

  3. Yo yo eugene. long time no visit u liao wah quite some changes! yeap..hope ur not too affected this time around. take time off to recover, rebound, look for new opportunities. good luck! =)

  4. Jovial... nice name.

    What is the other?

    Man, i should get a son ... soon.

    Good job that you can emphatize with his challenge. Nice approach