Friday, October 11, 2013

We are family. Yesterday's story

What would your action be when suddenly in the midst of having lunch with your children when one of them started to tell you this, " Papa, you are summoned to go and see my discipline teacher tomorrow?"

I was asked to do the above mentioned by my Jovial yesterday, when I heard it,I smiled at him and asked him gently why,then I just paused and waited  for his explanation.

To be frank I was not at all perturbed by this so called summoning cause I trusted my son that he knew what was wrong and right but I knew that there must be of some wrong in what he'd think was right,as for a teen the subject matters of "Friendship" and "Brotherhood" would reign supreme over many things for my son as well and I was right about it when he divulged what he did.

He told me that he was caught cheating during his English exam, this got me very surprised,how could he as English was his forte,then he shared with me, it was because one of his classmates asked him to "help" him out in this subject and he thought "what the heck" brother ma, so he happily did(even though he knew it was wrong) so both of them were caught.

The part that I enjoyed the most was that the both of us having fun discussing this "cheating" issue and it really got us talking.

So I explained to him "how sometimes a right can be wrong" and I promised him that I would surely go and see his discipline teacher and I would do my best to persuade him to mete out the lightest sentence and I told him that I would help to do the same for his classmate as well.

I was happy, simply because I knew that my son would take me as a father who'd take the effort in understanding him even though sometimes we don't see eye to eye with certain things but after all that has been said and done,we are family.

P/S : The door must be kept opened.


  1. glad you didn't take it like my parents do... I think if I tell my parents that they are summon to go 'see' teacher.. I can be also ready for a round of 'caning' those days.. before and after!

  2. Hope everything will be fine.. keep us posted! :) It can be a valuable lesson for us parents...

  3. The typical Chinese people always said "canning" is the best solution from repeating mistakes like I used to do during childhood. I remember my dad canned with a belt for not submitting my math homework. It's not because I did not submit, my MATH teacher don't want to mark it because late submission. I'm afraid to tell my parents ended up they found out, I was wrong in first place.

    Egune u're doing the right thing over here. The door must be open in between children and parents. I know it's not easy especially those typical mind in Chinese culture. I admired the bond with you and your son. The KEY important is to UNDERSTAND and listen because putting a FULL STOP. I wish my parents sometimes would be like this. I really hope until today, but they're so typical in Chinese mind set etc

  4. You are such a sensible dad! You are understanding and willing to listen to him.
    I like what you said : "How sometimes a right can be wrong"
    Speaking of cheating, my hubby did that to his "brothers" in form 6 math exam and all 3 were caught because my hubby blanco one part and forgot to fill in the numbers, and as per what he said :"that two idiots also left that space blank." LOL