Friday, October 18, 2013

My hope and My dream

My wife emailed these photos of my two boys when they were little, looking at them, I felt just like many of you parents would have felt,"Man, how time really flies"

As a parent,sometimes I have regrets too, in ways that I told myself that I should have done this more,done that less but then again true to the saying of "How time flies" Looking at them now, they are both now soon to enter 17 and 13 respectively.

I have always prayed that my boys will grow up to be fine young man,who would have good heart,compassion and they would really live out their dreams.

P/S : I  love you guys


  1. Wow.. 17 soon? They grow...we old.. this is called life cycle.. hahaha...

  2. It is always great to look back at old pictures. Make me feel old but looking at the kids' pictures, you can see how fast they have grown up. :p