Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A tale of two tumblers.......................

Just some simple words, just a few brief moments of showing concern,that's suffice to make me happy...

Jovial asked me two weeks if he could change his tumbler to a bigger one, I said okay and told him that I would get my friend to get him the "Tupperware' brand one.

A week has passed and my friend still has not sent me the tumbler yet and one night over the dinner Jovial asked me when would he get his new tumbler,I said don't know then I offered him mine which is of 1.5 liters one,he declined then he said something that was really warm.

He said,"Papa, never mind lah, I'd wait for the new one cos you need your big tumbler more than I do and you are always on the run,you need to drink more water "

Those ways coming from my 16 years old son really warmed my heart,he might not even realized it that those uttered words were like seeing the water in the desert..

I really love to see my sons growing up with loads of tender,loving care and I am sure with such traits that will go far in their respective chosen paths..

P/S : Thank God for my boys


  1. Yes, thank God for His Grace... helping to bring our kids up...

  2. You and wifey raise your children well. Well done!!

  3. Aww, what a sweet boy! That sure warmed the heart.

  4. Time really flies, huh...when I met him, he was just 13

  5. Such a sweet and considering boy.