Monday, December 22, 2008

Role it.............

In a meeting the other day with my staff and my partner addressing some company's issues, my partner blew his top at the staff, and when my partner does that, you know that he is red mad and hot because knowing him for years and his mild demeanour, very rarely and hardly would he throw his tantrums.

After the meeting, i was sitting down comtemplating about the whole scene, could we avert the tense situation if and only if each and everyone of us knows our own roles that we should play.The staff should know that his role is to carry out the job that is he assigned to do and do it well, then no problem shall ensue.

On a hindsight, suddenly i feel like sharing my thoughts of the many roles that i need to play in my life and doing my best to play them well, then really life will be so much simpler and happier.

My Roles as.

A husand : I shall be the best husband that my wife can be proud of, and to take care of her to the best of my ability.

A father : To be the father that my two wonderful sons can be proud of as well, to teach them and to guide them, to love them and be a solace that they can run to when they do get into troubles.

A son : To be a son that my mother can be proud of, to care for her and make sure that she doesnt have to worry about me.

A son in law : I am indeed blessed to have a wonderul in laws, i shall cherish them and treat them as my own parents.

A brother : I have done my best, and i shall take Calvin's advice to continue to pray for them

A business partner : To continue to have fruitful communication with my partner, and to learn that no one is perfect, that we shall complement each other with our strength, and to lift each other up in our weaknesses

A superior : As a superior to my staff, work is work and there shall be no emotion attached when hard decisions are to be made. and to do my best to reward them in commensurate with their efforts.

A friend : To treasure the true and genuine friendship, to lend them a ear when they need one, to edify friends . To shun from friends with bad influence, and be prepared to be taken advantage of once in awhile.

A blogger : to write what i feel inside and not to cheat on my readers, and to learn from each blogger friend and to appreciate their support and in return to give them my support as well

P/S : Life can be simple, if we just dont complicate it..

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