Saturday, December 20, 2008

When she sex no 'bout me?

"You cant identify with us, you are not our age yet, you are only 42 now wait till you get as old as we, then only you tell us what we are doing is wrong" this is the bombardment i got from two 48 and 51 years old friends respectively when i chided them of their infidelity towards their wives by their frequent visits to brothels. By the way these 2 friends of mine have the financial means to feed their vices, so their families are not financially denied in many ways.

Both of them have been lamenting to me about how deprived their sex life is, how the frequency has dwindled to almost none, and how unhealthy they can be if they do not seek out other avenues to drain the excess libido.

We always have strong argument about the issues of Sex and Infidelity, they always feel that they are not morally wrong to do something as nature as having sex with a paid sex worker when their legitmate partners are no longer interested to indulge. They maintain that they are not having an affair, so the issue of being infidel does not arise at all.

Yes,they got me cracking too as far as Sex and Infidelity is concerned, would i do like what they do if i were to be in the exact dilemma as my friends, would sex reign supreme over my true love for my wife,or would i endure or even celibate myself if my wife is no longer interested in sex.

Seriously,i do reckon that sex is a crucial part in a happy marriage but if sex is solely a foundation to a marriage, then what would happen to the marriage is either one party loses the interest in sex, does that warrant either party to fulfill his or here sexual needs for illegetimate means, or does that not consider infidelity.

As far as i am concerned, sex is important but one day if i am tossed into the same predicament as my friends, then i would say that my love for my wife will have to manifest its full power and genuinity to rule over sex. Well you might say it is too early to comment.

The wedding vow should now sound like this, through sickness and through health, through riches and through poor, thorough sex or without sex, till death do us part.

P/S, when they say love conquers all, then we will be put to the test.


  1. i will have to say, cross the bridge when you get there bro. hope you are doing fine bro. ciao!

  2. would it be better if we had no sex drive?

  3. Well, can u have love without sex? Love conquers all.

  4. If my husband is no longer virile and could not satisfy me, and I still have strong sex drive, does that mean I should go and hire some gigolo to satisfy my sexual needs, and i should not feel guilty about it? That is rather shallow, no kidding.

    When you are older, and when your spouse is no longer interested in having sex with you, there's at least 4 things that you can do:

    1. Arouse your partner until they give in.
    2. Discuss the matter with him/her openly that you do not wish to practice celibacy.
    3. Sex is the basic thing that makes a marriage happy, but sex is not everything in a marriage. I believe that there are other ways you could express your love to your partner without involving sexual intercourse. Like pillow talks, massage, embrace, vacation, etc etc. There are things that you can do together happily without going wild on the bed, and sometimes, these are more satisfying than sex itself.
    4. By all means, visit pornos site, and DIY. LOL. But make sure you let your partner know about it and explain that even tho you visited those site, it does not mean you do not love him/her anymore. Ahahahah...

  5. Very interesting post, Eugene. Challenging everyone mind.

  6. Hi bro,

    Wishing you 冬至, Christmas & New Year 快乐!


  7. companionship kind of love lor