Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am a blessed man.............

The trouble with us is we have not learnt to count our blessing(s),however small, we moan and groan of what we dont get to have the have(s) of others. When we look around us, we will sure to find so many good things we have that others dont,that's as far as i am concerned.

My in laws and my wonderful wife

I am blessed to have a wonderful in-laws, they have always been so kind and understanding. As for my father in law, he is the best man that has come my way, and i am thankful for him and i am proud to be his son in law, my mother in law is one no nonsense woman, i respect her grit and her indomitable character,even she looks tough outside but actually she has a kind heart and indeed i am blessed to have them as my in law.

I am also thankful for my in law for giving me such a lovely wife who inherits the best traits from her parent.

So the Christmas is nigh, i echo the call to each and everyone of us to count our blessing(s) however small it may seem,let us be thankful for everything we have.

If you have been busy doing your own things, now is time for us to be circumspect of the things that we have neglected, the most crucial is our family.

I just opened my wallet, and there is RM200 in it, and thinking of those who do not have as much i am indeed blessed.

P/S : I am indeed blessed


  1. Yes, this is the time to count your blessings!! Merry Xmas bro.

  2. My dad & mum was extremely happy... They attended the big events organised by Sin Chew daily yesterday in Johor Bahru (where near to Singapore).

    There were total of 50 old couples participated in this celebration. Looking at all the couples, I was so touched beyond words...

    My dad & mum have been marriage for 41 yrs, and all of their children attended their wedding celebration yesterday, it sounded so warm and special...

    I am a blessed woman also to have such a wonderful family.

    Eugene, sad that you were not here to join. U take k and we all love you and see you tmrr.

  3. Bro,Merry Xmas to you and your beautiful family! Cheers!

  4. hi eugene, wishing you a very merry christmas & hope you have a great time with your family =)