Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love me or hate me

A friend who has been following my blog since the day i started blogging made a surprise comment about me and my blog. She commented that it was kind of foolhardy for me to write so much about myself,my family,my business ,my sex,my life and my everything else in the blog,which she was afraid that i might invite untowards or unfriendly comments that would eventually bothers me. She even commented that she has not read other blogs akin to my blog from someone in my category(a 43 years old married man blogging about his life)

Candidly i told her, first of all i love to write and if i cant write something i feel strongly about then i should not be blogging at all. On the comment of me inviting unfriendly comments left in my post,i gladly told her that it was all right for me to accept unkind comments as much as the good ones (so far i have only received one unkind comment,thank god for it)

I explained to her that blogging has provided me an avenue of knowing myself better, every time when i finish writing about certain subject,i would just reflect on what i have written to see what i have written could change me to be a better husband,a better papa or even a better man.

You might not believe it as true that after few months of blogging,i have in fact witnessed the change in me,i have better control of my temperament, i reason with myself a lot and i am happier.

If i cant be truthful to myself then i dont think i can be truthful to others,may be in our daily lives we need to wear different kinds of mask to camoufladge ourselves in order to put through the daily grinds of life,that eventually will tear us down simply because most of the times we are not being ourselves.

I am all liberated for being just myself and knowing myself better through what i write has given me the joy to stay happy,let me just borrow a phrase from Paulo Coelho "I died while i was still alive"

P/S: It is hard not being your true self, it is even harder being your true self (eugene's quote)


  1. well, my opinion is, it's allright to blog abt yourself. I guess everybody did that. Anyway, it also depends on your comfort level on how much you want to 'reveal' yourself. Well, it's ok, unless you have a stalker out there checking on you ..haha...

  2. way to go man! blogging is one way of getting things out of your self, i too, would blog whatever i want to.
    keep it up, we enjoy reading your blog!

  3. I try not to blog about myself too much... I'm kinda paranoid... =.= but, I do enjoy your writings, Eugene. Provies me great insight towards certain things in life, especially parenting.

  4. eugene, i struggled over the same issue before. i used to worry so much how others would judge me based on what i write and then i used to hold back a lot. some ppl labeled me as bad just because i swear in my blog. but now i just don't care.

    it's our blogs after all where we share our thoughts and stuffs with others. if others can't take it, it is their problem lor. no one can please everyone mah.

    no worries, i still heart your blog =)

  5. i agreed with chrisau espcially if u have a stalker! hahahah


  6. as for me, there are certain "skeletons" in the closet that i wish not to disclose in my blog.. haha.. too personal, of course, cannot lah.. but other than that, parenting, feelings, rantings, pleasure, pressure, etc etc..i like to explode them in my blog.. as our Late Tengku Abdul Rahman used to write "without fear or favour".....
    eugene, i love yr posts, i m yr fan.. dont not to worry, i m not your stalker..

  7. Hey, it's a "free" world for you to blog, as long you don't offend people. Stay true to your feelings.

  8. tak kisah laa...i have fun reading ur blog

    as long as u're comfortable with all the things u posted in ur blog...teruskan je laa

    paling teruk pun org tak suka, org tak baca ur blog...bknnya dia bunuh ko pun ehehhe...

    :) peace

  9. hi bro! i like this post. people will always find some things to say on practically anything in life, blogging included. thing is, this is a free world... anybody can do anything they wish to do, hell! you can even shoot someone if you think thats the right thing to do (just an example folks, don't go shooting somebody plsssss.). what i'm trying to say is, in writing or in anything that you might do in life, there will always be those persons who might find you offensive, enjoyable, boring, pleasing, entertaining, etc. they are all entitled to their opinions. remember, what we right is our opinions and ideas too. so live and let live. if by your writing, you have touched some people's sensibilities, then sorry for them, it was not meant to be that way and was not intentional. my advise... just keep on BOLD TALKING bro! have a nice weekend! ciao!