Friday, November 28, 2008

Growing sane in growing pain

Being a parent,it is so much fun to witness the child's growing phases of his life,it can make you laugh at times. Just recently,my eldest seems to be very observant of the slightest changes in his body,he would just pay so much attention even with one strand of hair coming out from his feet then he would just bombard me with a lot of questions pertaining to that strand of hair. Questions like "am i reaching puberty, after the hair from the leg when will i experience the growth of pubic hair,when will the size of my penis be like yours ,etc?

Sometimes i can be loss of words in satisfying his questions but i will always do my best to tell him the truth and leave some room for him to imagine for himself. I had talked to him about sex and the biological changes he might experience and the confusions he might encounter. I have always assured him that I am the best avenue for him to ask about anything in regards with his growing up.

I even went to extent in forewarning him that in another one or two years to come, besides the biological changes he will be having some difficulty in experiencing the change in his attitude and character, by then i will have some problems dealing with him simply because he might be rebellious or going against me, i gladly told him it would be absolutely all right for me to accept it. and we both must be prepared for this.

I love being a father to my two sons, i enjoy seeing them going through the changes and i want to be there for them but most of all i want them to have a character of their own structured with good values.

P/S. They came from us, but they are not us.


  1. =.= my mom did not talk about sex or why I started to grow hair on certain areas on my body. i wish she did... though... but instead she just told me to shut up... *sigh* even now I'm all grown up, married and all, that is still a hush hush topic for her... :-(

  2. No body told me this things when I was young. When I was 12, I thought that babies came when couple kissed! So, when the reproduction subject was taught in Form One, it was pretty eye opening. When I was 12, I thought that only man has pubic hair! Imagine my horror when I saw woman with a bush!

  3. Ya, I never got any such talks from my mum either - all sendiri belajar! You must be such a wonderful responsible father to your sons - bravo!
    Hehe, i notice u always only visit my blog when weekend is coming?!

  4. hahaha, my company staff used to shop earlier & prepare earlier to avoid last min shopping which most of the time we cant get what we want....

    i m not too sure abt the shopping there, but here is like everyday there are always so many ppl shopping in most shopping centres. Sometime, we still need to take leave to do shopping! Terrible right! I also dont understand where people come from or we are simply too small...:D

    but we dont just buy & give, we buy materials & make....

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Ha ha, now is my turn to explain to my son who is going to be a teenager very soon! LOL

  6. you are really the new-age dad man! i really cant imagine my dad/mom being so open with me! hahaha