Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Show me the money,,then i'll

During dinner last night,my eldest appeared to be exceptionally happy and all excited about getting straight As from his next year government examination. I was excited about his enthusiasm and i thought to myself may be i have done some magic in him from our previous "talking session" so i deserved the credit too.

Much to my dissappointment,it was not me that spured him to wanting the straight As, damn it it was the $$$$$$$,yes you heard it right, the money. His grand mom promised to reward him with RM700, and my sister pledged to give him another RM200, if he managed to score straight As. Excitedly he asked "Papa, how much would you give me,if i scored straight As" calmy i said to him " Son, papa will only give you a big hug and a pat on your back and say to you "well done son,you've made yourself proud, surely there will be no monetory reward coming from me" i assured him that. Nonchalantly,he noded as if trying to tell me,what can i do you ar my dad.

As far as i am concerned, i am a staunch believer in not associating monetory rewards with study or for that matter, school examinations. I would regard this as a form of enticement or inducement to our children to achieve( I am sure they could) something that they ought to be doing,because it is their responsibility.

In my opinion,if you instill the lure of money in their effort in achieving the best,then the meaning and the essence of study for excellence will be of no significance at all, i might be wrong in having such a thought but i dont my sons to correlate money with study, that's for sure.

P/S. Teach our children the value of money not the power of money........


  1. well like it or not, my brother lives for the monetary reward! hahahaha

    but i think for your son, RM900 is enough already lah! HAHAHA tt's AL LOT OF money for a young kid!

  2. you have my vote. money can be a pulling factor for your son to do good, but too much of it would destroy him eventually. maybe a pat on the back and a family dinner would be good. cheers.

  3. agreed man! They may not be interested later if there's no more rewards, just like our national badminton team. They played for themselves only in open tournaments, but not team tournament.

  4. well.. how to say ah.. it is like u r holding the carrot, no effort done by them...
    as for my case, i reward them when they have done their best...
    it is like an incentive.. not a bribe, just have to tell them that.. otherwise as u all said, no rewards, no effort taken.

  5. I think maybe you can reward in another way like giving him a present. There must be something that your kid love very much and keep bugging you to buy. If it is not too expensive, I suppose you can give him as a present!!!

  6. A little reward is ok but I guess we have to educate children on the value of money and money management. Good to start young!

  7. =.= my dad din bribe me when I was your son's age... that's why was not so motivated... ahahahaha but luckily my result was good. ahahaha.

  8. fuyoooo...kalau ::aku:: yg dpt duit tu, lingkup terus ahahhaha

    u're rite laa eugene...tak bleh manjakan anak ngan duit...nanti dah jadi biasa, asyik2 nak reward...nnt kalau ditakdirkan economy recession takde reward camner..?? takkan nak score straight E kot...

    not so gud laa nak motivate anak ngan duit byk2...skeet2 cam present kecik2 ok laa kot...or just belanja hor fun mee sudah laa ahahhah (sian anak aku nanti)

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  10. Hah ha boy to knw how to make his effort worth. Sure daddy will give him a good lecture on this matter n post it on the blog with P.S.....Right?

  11. I studied hard 4 my exams too bcz of d $$$$ I'll be getting