Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hang in there... my friend

Met an old lady friend at the bank just now, chatted about this and that, without realizing it we talked about family and money, wife and husband, children and milk powder, wife's quarrels and husband's arguments.

She is a full time housewife, one 1 and 1/2 year old boy and one just six months old girl, recently bought a low-cost flat, husband working as factor operator, earning RM1500 a month. When i asked her how is she coping financially, knowing that a RM1500 house-hold income is indeed very very hard. I was surprised by her answer" I know it is not enough, but i will make sure it is enough"

She narrated to me how she really cuts corner, her child's diapers are made from plain cloths, she will go to market only after 11 am for provision, that's when she can get cheaper stuff as it is towards the tail end of business time.

Talking to her made me feel more blessed, i know currently my business has not been that good but i thank the guy above that i still have foods on the table, and i still can have some binges during the weekend.

I could be all stressed out at times, it could be very tough sometimes, i know i can survive for i got my family there for me.

Life is cruel, we just have to be prepared for any calamity, and have faith that life is worth living for.

P/S . to Doris hang in there, press on, go forth. life goes on


  1. yes, dont complain, dont grumble..and yet i still do, at times...will try not to..we dont know how blessed we r till we see and hear from others... Thank you God..

  2. We often do not realise or count our blessings until we see others with so much less...