Friday, August 29, 2008

Why is it so hard?

Didnt sleep well last night, a lot of things to worry about especially my business, sneaked out and and drove aimlessly for about 10 to 15 minutes at about 2 o clock in the morning, came back stood at the balcony thinking of what to do next, so i decided to call for a meeting with my partner as to discuss some issues.

The meeting took place at about 10 am, we discussed issues like cash flow , sales and debts, due to the recent slow down of business, my business has been in a way bruised by certain situations.

You see i have been with this partner in this business for about 6 years, my partner is a wonderful person but there is a slight but crucial problem, we lack communication, seriously lack of communication, we hardly talk about problems affecting the company, we both thought it was ok, untill i realized that it is not exactly ok, so i opened up to him, telling him how i felt and my passion to see this company staying afloat. I told him that we needed to talk, we needed the share vision and goal, we needed to put our arms together and ride through the storms together.

I appreciate him as my partner, but i would really want him to talk, after so much of talk, we both realized that we both love this company that we started together.

Now i really hope from this day on, we shall both move the same direction, we shall thoughts and opinions, and to move on, and pray that we can find some cash breather to get going again,,

I hope it is not that hard to talk, and shouldnt be that hard to talk, and i am still learning how to talk and communicate.

P/S, to my partner, united we stand, divided we fall


  1. Hey buddy! It's true that communication is very crucial and important for growth in every area, all the more with someone who is the partner of your company. I do not know what kind of situations are causing your business to struggle at these moment but I just want to wish ya all the best!

  2. Like every struggle, eventually the lessons from it will be invaluable.

    I am sure both of you started out on the right footing, otherwise you won't even be inking your signatures and started out on this venture together-gether.

    There's always problem when it comes to human relationship, in fact, I would believe that human relationship is the core to most problems.

    As long as there's contact, there'll be friction.

    And it's the friction that we need to take care of, before it becomes a spark that ignite a destructive fire.

    Bro, may you have the strength to weather the impending storm!

  3. My dear brother, thanks for your input on this issue. I knew of your struggles and you had been really holding on. I'm glad that you had spoken to your business partner. At least, you will "sleep" in peace now.

  4. I hope your business issues are going to be solved very soon.