Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There's just one thing............

Over lunch today, few married men friends and me talking about ISSUES, you know sometimes men can be more "busy body" or talkative than women, our topics are wide, but most often than not, the "woman" stuff will always be the main dish...........

A friend suddenly popped up this question for me. " what are the things you like about your wife?" i answered him happily, "there's just one thing i like about her", dumbfounded he asked again" you serious? and what's that?" with my eyes all lit up, i said " i know for sure that she loves me dearly, and it is suffice to say just that"

And he probed further, he asked again, "what does your wife like about you?" i told him " i believe likewise, there's just one thing, she knows that i love her dearly, again it is suffice to say just that"

Sometimes, i really feel like even after 12 years of marriage, this woman that i married is one wonderful woman that i cant stop falling in love with, i can fall in love with her sense of humour, her humilty, her tenacity in things she does, and her love for me.. she might not be the perfect wife, but then again i am not a perfect husband either..

Just like Bryan Adam's song: feels like the first time together, feels like the first kiss.......

P/S, it is nice to know that someone loves you........


  1. But, knowing the one you love doesn't love you back is so sad =(

  2. What a wonderful thing to say!

    Hello, first time visiting. :)

  3. wahhh... so lummm :))

  4. 12yrs?soo sweet ;) send my regards to her.perhaps she's also glad having u by her side..walla!!..

  5. it is good to know that after 12 years of marriage, you still feel that way for your wife... congratulations! i envy you man, wish i could say the same for myself.