Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She's the greatest

My mom who is 70 years old, had a fall yersterday which fractured her left hip bone litterally leaving her immobile. When i saw her in the hospital, she was groaning in pain, that really pained me as well.,

my mom is one tough woman, i mean real tough. I remember when my dad passed on 27 years ago, she had to struggle to keep her family safe and warmth, when she was 45 years, going against anybody's advice, she learnt to ride motorbike, so it made it easier for her to commute to work and home, her reason for her to learn to ride a bike was that she could rush back to prepare meals for us.

She would skimp and save every dime from her meagre income working as domestic helper, the amount that she saved virtually had helped her children trough difficult times in one way or the other.

I stayed with her last night in the hospital, for the first time i realized how feeble, how weak and how vulnerable she is now, i assured her that she would be all right from the operation, i knew it scared the hell of her, when she knew that she would go under the knife.

As i was leaving, i gave a kiss on her forehead, she held my hand, and wooed me to go home and rest despite the fact that how much she wanted me to stay.

P/S : I love you (My dearest mom)


  1. Sigh, sometimes it takes an event like this to appreciate our love ones. Hopefully not; please learn to appreciate and love our love ones.

  2. hope your mum is better today? yes, i can imagine...last time they used to be so robust and strong, emotionally and physically..my mum could walk faster than me during my younger days...i had a hard time catching up with her then..but now, she has to be held by our hands..time really changes our livestyle.