Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Make health an issue

Seriously, whatever we do, do not ignore our health. We can stack our money high up, we can dream of having millions, we can wish we go travel the world, but all this will come to a naught, when we dont have the health to live out our dreams.

When i looked at my mom after the operation for a bone implant, i just got the sense that this probably can be avoided when she knew what she knows now, that she has to for example take more calsium and exercise a little bit more. Back then, i believe my mom didnt have the luxury for doing this becasue she was busy toiling for the children's survival, you see now she is suffering because of us, we the children can never repay her the health.

A lot of us fail to make health one of retiring factors, if we were to think hard enough, we should start doing justice for ourselves by investing in our health in tandem with investing in our wealth. When we hit our golden years, it is when our whole mind, body and soul will be put to the test.

P/S, Dont say, you dont have even 10-15 minutes a day to exercise, think about it!!!!!


  1. exactly..HEALTH IS IMPORTANT..i have some health problem as well..i cant digest properly!!!!

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  3. Since you know EXCERCISE is that important, will you take her out for a walk in the park every day/weekend in future? Please do so, if not you will regret one day.